who is Tomas Karkalas

The depth of the steps we leave in life depends on our love to others.

Tomas Karkalas  1955.04.14 - ?

Butterfly in Plaster

My art is my meditation in color, that teach me to look at my pictures as the footmarks of love.
As I thank for the light, I was enabled to hear better than any before, the wonderful artworks silence all complaints for the limitations I face due to my current state of health ( I was born in 1955 in Lithuania and started to grow...Yet the typical order of following events was mixed due the head trauma in 1974 …)
 That could be the end, yet God returned me to life after some walk on the edge of the death. Since then I'm learning to live with my disabilities... blog Art by Tomas  was started

The fine arts talks about the divine guidance in dealing with the temporal mess by inviting the beholder to break through the flat surface of the pictures into the wonderland of human dreams. The artistic images show beauty to us in each point we are looking at. From the spiritual viewpoint, everything and everywhere is beautiful. Light and fine arts are inseparable between.

Thank you for your interest in my artworks. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Enable others to discover my colorful dreams too please. 


Images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas