Tik Jūsų komentarai išvaiko danguje gąsdinančius debesis ir suteikia prasmę bloginimui. Taigi, ar šis paveikslas tėra pokabis su mano siena, ar tai - dialogas, suvoktos šviesos dalinimasis su jumis?

While painting, I was wandering around the dreamland, but time came to awake and thus my current activity may be defined as the public talking. Was it the sharing of the received visions, or just speaking to myself - talking with the dead wall?
Only your comments can justify the threatening sky and give meaning to the blogging.



Tomas Karkalas painting from the cycle self-knowledge 2015 canvas, oil 60x70cm

 "Stress and anxiety are contagious, because intensity and reactivity only breed more of the same." ~ Charlie Badenhop


A key to success

Tomas Karkalas - photo WE BOTH ARE ALIKE
Recognition of ourselves in others is a key to success. An accidental photo helped me to grasp the above truth. The reminder helps me not stumble on my road.


the Earth will talk.

The paints on my pallete end and Tomas Karkalas cease talking therefore  but the silence  didn't  triumph over a man - the Earth will talk.
Tomas Karkalas 2015 - the Earth will talk
The shortage of art materials can silence Tomas Karkalas, but not the Earth! It will talk.  At a moment, I too  didn't stop trusting in a miracle. I have an account and believe in your generosity. Help the disabled artist, please.
my account : Swedbank LT197300010080329876
"Swedbank", AB SWIFT/BIC code  HABALT 22,
code of the bank  73000


Beauty is not the flowers but the wish to draw them

An overview of my life looks dark enough. I am out of work and money because of a disability. I rejoice over the sun outside, but my ability to move is limited by my purse more than the health situation...
Please create a miracle. Your donation of any amount will illuminate my day, the day of one who lives with disabilities and wants not shut up but bloom with the hearty Thank You.
Please help me to paint - to create the pictures of the gratitude.

My account : Swedbank LT197300010080329876
"Swedbank", AB SWIFT/BIC
code HABALT 22, code of the bank 73000

God Bless You my dear benefactors.


transformational art

The transformation took place as I looked at the green grass by the wall in a busy city and my heart changed a dull view into the unique landscape.  Such way Tomas Karkalas became the artist. It would be nice to hear your story. Thank you. 


Secret of the beauty

Tomas Karkalas ~ photo  New Life - 2015
Secret of the beauty lies in the symbolism of the picture. Do you see it? What's the message  of the photo?


the most important thing is not the flowers but a wish to draw them

Tomas Karkalas ~PILIAROŽĖ /ROSE MALLOW ~ 2015
Gal gėlė gali būti ir gražesnė, bet svarbu ne tai. Svarbiausia norėti piešti gėles - tikėti mūsų gyvenimo grožiu , net jei dangus juodas, jei kišenėje tėra tik keli centai invalidumo pašalpos. Deja, nežinau ar beįstengsiu dar tapyti. Aštrus skausmas smilkiniuose ir guldo mane į lovą ir verčia keltis - niekur nerandu sau vietos. Liūdniausia tai, kad tokia būsena tai mano kasdienybė - invalidumo dovana. Aš žinau, kad yra vaistų, kurie galėtų sušvelninti mano problemas, bet neturiu pinigų jiems nusipirkti ... tyliai skaičiuoju iškritusius dantis ir džiaugiuosi, kad keli dar liko - kramtyti galiu. Reikia tik turėti ką... Todėl ir kreipiuosi į jus pagalbos. Jei galite, padėkite, paremkite mane finansiškai.
mano sąskaita : Swedbank LT197300010080329876 "Swedbank", AB SWIFT/BIC
kodas  HABALT 22, banko kodas 73000

The most important thing is not the flowers but a wish to draw them. Unfortunately, I do not know either I would paint any more because of heavy headaches. I know there are medicine that could help me, but have no money to buy pain relief, because I live on a disability allowance and your grace. Help me please.
my account : Swedbank LT197300010080329876 "Swedbank", AB SWIFT/BIC
code HABALT 22, code of the bank 73000
God bless you 
sincerely yours
Tomas Karkalas