last glimpse

the darkness is just personal weakness to uplift the eyes and unlock the heart.
old pictures remind that the Light never dies: the darkness is just personal weakness to uplift the eyes and unlock the heart. Feel free to browse the web and enjoy the archives of Tomas Karkalas.


art security measures

The world sparkles with various celebrations. The inner peace enables me to participate in the sharing of the smile too. It looks as if everything is OK, yet my empty purse forces me to look around more attentively...
So let's examine the picture below together.

art security measures, 2012 canvas 60x65cm Tomas Karkalas
Do you notice that our dreams may be described by any accidental quote, by something we are reading for a moment?
In my case that happened exactly so when I read "Thanks for stopping by grab a chair and let's share some coffee" ...
Your comments will test my artworks, their power to objectify the dreams. Your feedback will show either my failure or  the ability to personify in the drawings . My success depends on your choice. That's the art therapy.


ages-old wisdom, digital painting the lonely trunk viewed by Tomas Karkalas 2012

It is easy to talk about the wisdom of being true to oneself,  yet it is the hardest thing to do. Just consider: while my Klaipeda celebrates  760 anniversaries, I'm painting the lonely trunk. Have a look at the picture below
The above is the wisdom of the ages, yet does it explain today's noise? So is it worthy the sharing?
Only Inspiring Quotes of The Day enable me to continue...

No, I do not strive to write the definition of  the transformational art, I just continue to live enjoying  the fine arts that hide all complaints- transform them into eye opening awe. Is the above not a miracle?

I bow down to art therapy that teaches how to discover the beauty in outwardly so weak human flesh.
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