last idle days in my yard

I named this picture Last Idle Days in My Yard, because I will be in the hospital since Tuesday. Wow, it is even hard to trust that would come so fast. One who can't neither drive a car, nor manage any virtual business on a web (no credit card) would become...The Patient then. Amidst the people with the psychiatric disorders, my current Total Zero will vanish from sight - I will receive again an opportunity to voice my encounters with the spiritual world that have visited me not once when I walked on the edge of the death after the trauma in 1974.
At a glimpse, the above information just can't interest anybody except me.Thus  the question  arise, why should you read all the above? Would that be the cost for the viewing the artwork? Why did I bother you with the exclusively personal news?
My joy at my November could be yours too, if you would read between the lines. A word November soon would mark our calendar, but it depicts our last chance too - what the AUTUMN mean to you? Just a season of an year, or the overview of our being here and now?
That's why Butterfly in the Plaster addresses you now.
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