raw shot

this is a raw shot, yet the photography can't be named the accidental pick. It looks like an overview of  my daily walk. The visionary figures disguised as the trees  yet didn't delude me. I recognized my persecutor at a glimpse. What should I do? What would you do? How to ward off a blow of  Time Challenge?
While the heroes have the magical weaponry, my sword is just an old soap-box. (no good camera = no high quality photography)   thus there is nothing to enjoy in my pick. Yet the photo attracted me (pierced deeply into the heart nevertheless. I identified my current helplessness to change a jot in the disabler's existence with the tree figure and the unexplainable transformation have happened - I was unexpectedly comforted.... by whom?

One view and two pictures - the simple shot and high questions . BlogDumps'  Top Sites Tuesday posts requires  to share TWO thoughts too.  By the way, nothing happens by an accident. So if you liked my raw shot please click on a button below.

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