Daydreamers in a mirror of Tomas Karkalas art 2011
While looking at this my last digital painting, I was reminded once again that the photos inspire the thinking indeed. I saw not an abstract watercolor but the origins of this image - the photography of my dirty table, and the wondrous transformation took place once again. The mysterious spots dropped away their outward ambiguity and became the bold statements - the mirror of my walking in the sculpture park. What could be identified as the lazy figures were not the laziness at all but my firm decision not to participate in the meaningless disorder for not to loose what still is remaining - the peace amidst turmoil that disguises as the responsibility for joy to breathe
So what where the origins of this painting?
When I looked at my cluttered table. there were no daydreamers in my eyesight, or were they here already? If one fail to understand what he sees in front, does that mean that what he see do not exist?
Painting healed me literally - enabled me to wish you all the best! 

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