cover of memory

I went out and took a shot. What you see on the left side now came out without any prior arrangements. I just pointed my camera at the bricks underfoot... So, this picture is not an artistic fantasy but the documentary evidence of the Earth talk to us. It gave me a good shake and I started to play with the photo. The shot looks a bit more colorful now, yet I the essence remains the same: I'm trying to guess what I am doing? Do I LISTEN to the Heaven or just play with what is at hand at a moment?
The consciousness of the reply to the above plants our life with love. It should blossom out at a moment (the Spring has arrived already), yet there are not the occasion for rejoicing (the world worry for the economic downturn and the similar problems)
The accidental photo not only proves the above, but comforts us too: it is easy to recognize the serenity of smile in these abstract drawings. The tress of spirituality are still growing and they give us hope for the tomorrow.

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