key to mystery

The phrase "once upon a time" works like magic wand. These words mark the text down as fairy tale. Thus the story immediately obtains just fantastic colors. They allure the readers by taking them from their problems to life where their each step becomes the unforgettable adventure.
While hearing "once upon a time", the miracles happen, and there is no wonder for the blind see or the beast of prey care of us then. That metamorphosis looks just incredible yet there is no mystery in it. While hearing "once upon a time", the listener acknowledges the life of the spirit and thus the realm of dreams becomes his nitty-gritty so to speak.
Wow, I like "once upon a time"! The famous storytellers didn't lead me astray, but awarded with the mindset that helps me to face my hardships and not to fear the current ambiguity of my situation.
... my head bones were broken and I walked on the edge of the death for a long. Yet the miracle happened and I was returned to life without any outward signs of any disability...
That looks like real fantasy, isn't it? Yet the above forms a part of my biography that depicts a man, who addresses oneself to you now.
As I am jobless for life but still alive I have lots of free time. So I go outside and walk for walking sometimes...
As I did that last time, I had a camera and thus took a shot. It was just an accidental push on a button then, yet more I look at that picture, more I see in it now. The light underfoot created the portraits that look at me and talk with me. Just look at the picture. Do you hear it too?


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