identification card of my harvest

I think, the photo below needs no comments. As a saying goes, the picture is worthy thousand words. So lets muse on it.

Rambling on art put me under a charm. While searching for nice images, I even didn't noticed the coming of an autumn. Yet time of harvest arrived, and I was asked about my earnings. I looked around, and thus the shot you see on above was made. I recognized myself in that construction and titled her as my identification card.
The desire  to hug you (to link our blogs) indwells here, yet it doesn't attract the tourists (there is nothing to enjoy from the architectural viewpoint) Thus what does remain? 
... lets skip over long list of mourning. There is nothing interesting to read about the fairs of the disabled for the raise of the cost for living. Let's think about the place of the Spirit in our world. That would be much more beneficially. Time to say farewell rapidly approaches.
Yet you still have an opportunity to look here... Just click on the above.

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