peace addict

It is always fine to read the recovery stories. The success of others encourage me to deal with personal wounds and thus expand my horizons - enable me to enjoy the picture I see on my path.

the peace addict
The springtime called us all to go outside, and the awakening of nature illuminated each and all with smile. Even the stump in the photo on above reflects some light. At a glimpse it may look as a  sad sight, yet the stump do not whimper or charge with murder the pruning hook, because he understand the need (he was pruned back for the blossoms could appear) Can I say the same about myself? Was my life not the meaningless too?

fruits of self-knowledge
The courage is needed to laugh at oneself. Thus I can be proud of myself - the irony enabled me to open the eyes wider. Now I can not to do just one- I can't not-identify myself with whom I only meet with.

In short, all the above where what my blog and life is about. While looking at the hands of the impotent to do anything disabler, I do not complaint for my sad destiny and the forced dependence on your click on donate button,  but am writing about the incredible riches of the world between lines of this blog. I do not want to disturb you with my tales of woe, but invite to browse  the archives of the Art by Tomas and leave your comments

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