just magical transformation

When I look at this photo, I see myself in the dog and question myself,
what is the meaning of the edge? Does it symbolize a curse, or guard me from my bodily wishes?
While my physical sickness put me into the forced outward-passivity,
the living with the disabilities gifts time to me to uplift  the eyes and thus helps to discover just stunning colors of the sunlight, the spiritual world.
The jobless needs to hurry nowhere, so I have lots of time to  enjoy the miracle of the inner peace.
Yet the picture talks eloquently. Dog's eyes look sadly.
I fear to loose my eyesight  too. That's why I am sharing my joy with you.
While the artwork should look attractively , the Art of Being enables the beholder to discover himself in other and thus transforms his self-pity into the discovery of the spiritual wonderland.
Thank you for reading my diary and your inspiring comments.
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