peace of the fields

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Peace of the fields is my last picture. It is possible to discuss either it is the art or not, yet I love this digital painting, because the creative work put on a smile to my face. It would be fine if this art by Tomas would enable you to sense the dream of the fresh air too. I hope that will happen so because the perfection of the painting is not the mastery of putting the paints on some surface, but the way we think (our approach to life and oneself) Thus each time I take my paintbrush, I become the grateful participant of the art therapy healing. I say so because the way we look creates just the miracles- transforms the complaints for personal destiny into the desire to share the conceived beauty of our being. While painting I do not think about my broken head-bones (constant headaches) and diabetes but enjoy the mind travels. so though my sickness can't be removed, but I can overcome my limitations, and I do that - not complain for my empty pocket but talk about the peace of the fields and discover that inside myself.
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