left to survive: Top Sites Tuesday #82 – What made you decide to be a blogger?

Question 'What made you decide to be a blogger?' claims out of itself that I already am on the web. Thus lets look at what was achieved while blogging. Let the  photo painting Left to Survive talk now:
Once upon a time there were an apple tree and it had just stunning leaves – my expectations were the sparkling too ...
Now I humbly confess 'I search no more for the beauty, because I am accepting it  here and now - underfoot, so to speak '
This message wandered between the picture and its description. The poetry gazed at the colors, and the silence unexpectedly bloomed with the healing awareness of the freedom that breaks all the frames. Thus the simple photo became the artwork that talks. The painting pleases the eyes and examines my consciousness - inquires  who made me a blogger?
Do you recall your birth? I too just know that it happened in 1955 and was repeated in 1974 as my head bones were crashed in the accident. Then the computer was handed to me and I continue to speak till now.

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