Farewell to Artist

Farewell to Artist 2011 Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania
Each time I turn on my computer, something appears on its screen. The pictorial digital diary was collected such way till now. The huge archives enabled me to see myself as the artist and... I didn't resist that sweet  temptation- my meditations in color were presented as the artworks to you,  yet were they such? Have I the right to name my visual musing the exponent of the Fine Arts? Lets return to the picture. If you recognize a stone in it, the image would become the landscape of the sculpture park... and the earth TALKS loudly there. The visitors needs just to wish to listen.... that's good until we try to embezzle the heavenly message by naming it as some personal creation...If you will recognize the sculpture park in the piece above, you will prove not my artistry but your personal creativity.  Tomas Karkalas would be glad to bow to you.  In the light of all mentioned above, I titled that piece Farewell to Artist.

I would like to end this post with more joyful note. Let me invite you to the blog Daily Inspiration. I want to bow to Harley King for so wonderful explanation of the true meaning of my shadows. Hope you will enjoy them too. Thank you, dear King

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