something like art according to newspaper accounts

photo painting "something like art according to newspaper accounts" by Tomas Karkalas 2011
The dust guarded the streets of my wish to kiss the earth ....Thus the Fairy healing was lost. I just took the photo. Yet can substitute this digital painting  (my visual musing) for the honourable duty to bow personally?
Art never will die. The light twinkle in black-and-white  photographs of the views of underfoot accidents, but it is otherwise in the my case. Tomas Karkalas should be grateful for being able to see the world (to be alive) yet he dares to grieve for  his inability to get good camera  for the illustration of his diary (for his financial helplessness) No, the unemployed for life disabler was not left for himself. I have the caring family and do not lack for the daily bread, but is that enough  to be a man? While the true artists decorate the trivial round by the awakening of the dreams, Tomas try to hide his complaints under the symbolism of the metaphors. The fine arts are the glorious, but the flesh is. .. look above.
If one likes to eat, he is not a cook therefore, but if I took a pen, does that mean that I became the artist? The self-deception looks like safety-belt in the life ocean and offers the attention grabbing titles to the abstracts. So you see something like art according to newspaper above.
I greatly appreciate your comments, respect you. Therefore I thought I should share the truth about myself with you. So this post was put on a screen.

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