Disability benefits

Equal opportunities, isn't? photo by Tomas Karkalas
My living with disabilities was hard to accept but taught me the gratitude. The status of an invalid made me out of work for life but forced me to admit the dependence on the grace of others. Thus my sickness trained me to respect the next to me as myself and made these thoughts the loud. My visual meditations  became my artworks and expressed the way of being.
I sold nothing but received lots of your nice comments on the blogs I have started. That enabled me to respect myself in spite of the reality I was facing. Though my artworks didn't get any profit to me but they taught to look at my life with the grateful thanks for being alive, and that attitude was my greatest achievement.

Equal rights digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

The instructions that follow museum-pieces announce "do not touch!" but there is no need to fear because  just viewing needs just consciousness that brings no penalty.

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