Hello Journey

digital painting My Street by Tomas Karkalas 2011

I have read the  quote, by Paul Tillich:  "The first duty of love is to listen." And immediately  started the comments, begun to write. Thus the picture a lone wolf appeared. You see the close-up at the log which was a tree in my yard once upon a time..
digital painting a lone wolf  by Tomas Karkalas

When I‘m approaching a computer, I always visualize my inbox ful with your letters to me. That picture looks gorgeously indeed, therefore the practice is so painful. My click opened not a list of the emails from you but the polite announcement of Microsoft Word:  „Woohoo! You've read all the messages in your inbox“. In other words, there were nothing new except the empty screen.  
The drastic „Why???“ pops out each time I come to the computer. No. I do not complain,- the story reveals the background of the picture on above. There are no new messages means nobody cares for me... for us. It is the portrait of our relationships.

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