art by Tomas

what you see below (the photo I took) hunts for me wherever I go since the image was awakened by the lens of my camera.

 Finally, I have grasped: Just have a look at what's below.

Yet lets try to see both sides. So there is my confession:
once upon a time, a beholder  dared to name himself the Creator. Thus your Tomas Karkalas became the artist...and I was proud of my profession, yet  now I see that my joy to color the pictures led me astray - I shifted from listening to the pictures to the joy at the interpretations of the pictures - the results were easy to predict: making boast of the creativity  was soon awarded with the disability.
At a moment, I see my bodily weakness as a blessing - the possibility to recall what was silenced once.
I hope my stories will help you to see yourselves better too.
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