photo with two meanings

the backyard was concreted it became comfortable to walk

yet the new ground didn't look nice. Thus the surface cracked to decorate the flatness with  the mysterious tracery. Now the picture revived - the rents were filled with the grass again.
Just look at the photo. The picture portrays the mistress of the backyard, portrays the beauty  with the green plait.

While modern painting frequently deal with a fantasy, the above is the pure document.  Though it  may look like a weak shot from the technical viewpoint, yet the description should  improve a bit that situation( should make the symbolism of the picture obvious ).
Thus the questions were raised up.
What do I search for? Do I need a solution to my problems, or just a beauty of the wraping?
Either we look at what was said, or enjoy just a mastery of talking.

The questions  "is it a beauty or the weed?" are my direction signs and test my faith time from time for the fabulous metamorphosis could take place on my road.

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