location under a rain pipe

The colorful spot bellow enables me to share my interpretations now. That is why I love the pictures: the creativity helps to hold the positive attitude despite the reality... So lets look at art by Tomas, lets examine the Location Under a Rain Pipe.

Heaven underfoot. It's so near- just at a corner. So to speak, nothing restricts me to rejoice at my calling to be the artist for to spread the good news about the presence of the Blue Light amidst the current mud,- I even forget, I have no chance to print this card on a paper , because such luxury has a cost that far exceeds my purse ability to respond positively.
As you see for yourself, the Arts heals literally - helps to forget personal sickness and thus makes the disabled the powerful dreamer. Wow! When the unknown benefactor will knock on my door... my artworks will be exhibited again one day.Thus enjoy, feel yourself free to browse my archives till then.

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