secret of the durable foundation

Once upon a time there were graphics in the caves... The stone was the durable foundation. Thus it's no wonder the human dawn still address oneself to modern-day spectators. The fine arts still reflect our consciousness and direct our smiles, raise the same questions.Just look at the picture below

Note the  fabric of the picture. Brown paper on the left melts into the stone wall on the right. What does that mean? What makes the macrobiosis of our writings? Is that the artistic materials, or our  attitude towards life and other nearby?
This much is certain...  Carleen, who host Life, Liberty and Good Coffee,  recently honored me with the award you see below

I greatly appreciate that and will try to remain worthy it - I want to pass this award to each of you, who left though one comment on the posts of others (or are going to do that).
Thank you, dear Carleen.

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