Return of the Butterfly in the Plaster

return of the buttrfly in the plaster The dandelion clocks revive the dark ground and enable me to hear the music of my Butterfly in the Plaster again. That picture awakes my memory and thus fills the heart with the gratitude to Peter Shepherd, who patronized me then - helped me to make my first steps on the web and thus opened a door to me - named the dreams of the sick for the images created by Lithuanian artist Tomas Karkalas.
I love to sign as The Butterfly in the Plaster because that phrase imports much more than just one of my nicknames. It has the meaning of the keyword to my meditation in color and interprets my artworks well. I hope so, but see for yourself and have a good time.
Till meeting on the page of comments.


what's behind the picture?

The tedium of life in the busy world, where only the fairy tales inspire to trust in the sunlight's unselfish generosity, ceased to oppress me at once as I entered the art therapy class (Modus Vivendi, psychiatric hospital, Klaipeda, Lithuania). The dull surroundings sparkle with just fantastic color here, and the ordinary things transform into the prophetic images that as put under a charm, as commit me to share the message with all. So I took my camera and Skirmantas's ship on a chair appeared on my blog. This picture is not mine, but it became a part of me - I recognized my own dreams in the drawing.

While the lottery ticket changed the life of many, can I say the same about the picture?
What do you think?


smile of color in thoughtless awareness

The archives of my pictures put me under a charm, because they allow the editing of what was done already.
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morsel of hope

street pictures always inspire. Though at times it is hard to trust one's own eyes, yet such shots convince better than any musings that there is still a hope to the world : children are reading the newspapers. So to speak, not all have sinked into the indifference yet. The world still has the future.

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freedom of interpretation

I named the above the freedom of the interpretation. The title unearthed something positive in the dark and blurred brush strokes. The words removed even the thoughts about my activity as the wasting of paper and created the illusion of something worth the sharing indeed. Just fabulous metamorphosis took place. Just think. Such presumption enabled me to forget that my hand was put in the plaster and the pain was ruling my whole body.
The attitude of the mind changes the reality for sure.