The Christians can't live without the sharing

The Survey of the Creativity / Tomas Karkalas

 People prefer the clear answers to the discussions, the dogmas which shut the door to the gentle breath of the Spirit.
The garden of our faith bloom in an awesome color when we kneel down, but all the flowers wither away if we fence them with our limited understanding.
The Christians can't live without the sharing of their faith. That's our gratitude to God and grateful humility -my digital painting The Survey of the Creativity.


substitute for the heart

I have checked my dustbin and found lots of interesting sketches there. Now I am going to share one. That's a picture of my heart. This digital painting looks like a watercolor - smells like a fresh breath... is that not symbolical? Dustbin treasures...


the study of the self - selfdiscovery by Tomas Karkalas

the study of the self /self discovery by Tomas Karkalas - endurance

The endurance or the blindness? Help!
It is easy to look wise, to talk about life in general.. but that is beneficial indeed: the silence represent the solitude- the place that offers a shelter to the sages and thus opens the gates to the fairyland. Each and all throw down the badges of their social rank at the entrance there.


active creators

Are you lost?

Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children ~ Bruno Gideon
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