endowment to peace

Write text here... I understand the meaning of the above and the need to talk- therefore I will title my picture as a photo story about the endowment to peace


Tasty Fall

People were given two ears and one tongue so that they may listen more than they speak. -- Jewish Folk Saying
 Two ears are enough to swallow down the picture, but that would result in a gag if without the author’s foreword. Even the best artwork is dead if it goes without comments. Yes, we have only one tongue, but if without it, the life would be the living with the disabilities.Let's rescue this apple from such destiny. Well?


art therapy's paper dreams

untitled hero

This Untitled Hero met me at the entrance to the hospital of people with the psychiatric disorders. I had my camera and took a picture:
Yiddish Proverb states "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." 
I truly rejoiced at the art therapy handicrafts. Look below

the photo "Paper Dreams" by Tomas Karkalas / Lithuania