Look at mysel for better tomorrow

Pleasure to take pictures didn't grant satisfaction with the photograph, yet it always is very beneficial activity, because the failure to make a good print helps us to grasp the need of preparation to enjoy tomorrow so to speak. I say so, because the photograph is much more than just some image but the diagnosis of our being "here and now".
I named this picture Look at Myself. This title is the provisory (the capture may sound better), yet while I am free to edit the above word combination, I can't change a jot in the reality I am facing now.  What you see on the above is what I found in my window.  While I was looking at myself,  spring came. Is not that ironical? Spring and flowers should be the synonyms, yet  the truth not always burst into blossom. The lack of what to enjoy in this shot challenges, calls for action and the above gives some hope for tomorrow.

Now I offer this artwork to BlogDumps's Top sites Tuesday. These are my two thoughts. Hope your comments would free me from current ambiguity and my hope for better tomorrow wouldn't be just nice illusion, but the reality we both will enjoy. Thank you in advance.

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the most precious picture

Each artist has lots of pictures, yet the most precious are from his family album. Such is the photo on above. My grandson Simonas examines the world.

As I looked at my easel,  I saw a canvas that still was open to editing. The image I was working on though attracted the eye already, yet some strokes were still  crying for the healing touch of my paintbrush. Thus I was free to choose. I could either try to do my best, or take a new sheet of paper and start everything anew...or go to sleep and do nothing at all.
The emotions that filled my heart while looking at my grandson were  the direct opposite to the above ambiguity. I didn't guess what to do, but rejoiced at Simonas. I didn't rejoice at some my own achievements, but looked at Simonas and rejoiced over the incredible riches that were entrusted to me so to speak.
At the art showrooms people look at the composition of the artwork, discuss the applied technique... , meanwhile the family albums are like the mirrors that reflect just the grateful smiles.
The art critics prefer the framed canvases to the family photos, yet these "accidental" shots have greater impact on our life than all world-famous masterpieces.

Simonas did not pronounced a word till now (he is only two month old) yet my grandson silenced all my complaints already - enabled me to look at myself in a new light. My grandson teaches me the life - helps me to recall all I have enjoyed in my youth.


peace addict

It is always fine to read the recovery stories. The success of others encourage me to deal with personal wounds and thus expand my horizons - enable me to enjoy the picture I see on my path.

the peace addict
The springtime called us all to go outside, and the awakening of nature illuminated each and all with smile. Even the stump in the photo on above reflects some light. At a glimpse it may look as a  sad sight, yet the stump do not whimper or charge with murder the pruning hook, because he understand the need (he was pruned back for the blossoms could appear) Can I say the same about myself? Was my life not the meaningless too?

fruits of self-knowledge
The courage is needed to laugh at oneself. Thus I can be proud of myself - the irony enabled me to open the eyes wider. Now I can not to do just one- I can't not-identify myself with whom I only meet with.

In short, all the above where what my blog and life is about. While looking at the hands of the impotent to do anything disabler, I do not complaint for my sad destiny and the forced dependence on your click on donate button,  but am writing about the incredible riches of the world between lines of this blog. I do not want to disturb you with my tales of woe, but invite to browse  the archives of the Art by Tomas and leave your comments

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last snow

I can either like or disgust at the picture, but my emotions can't change not a jot here. It would be wiser to accept this image as an overview of my activity (as the harvest of my labor).
So I dared to ask, does this photograph represent great art, or portray just dirt? Am I looking at the Last Snow, or just gaze at a mirror and muse on life?


Tulip vs Time

A Look at a vase filled me with the gratitude and thus this picture appeared.

This tulip withstood an attack of logic. It twas time to wither up already, yet the flower continued to embellish my room. That was the answer to my "what's beyond the artwork?" I welcomed the reality of hope once again to my home, and thus fulfilled the New Year resolution to learn to paint the flowers.  I am listening to the spring


story of the back street

I love to wander the streets, to dip into the passionate picture of daily affairs and thus to throw aside the  thoughts about my personal needlessness. Sense of belonging to the town always heals me from sorrow for the sad destiny of the jobless disabler- transforms dull musing into the passionate report and enables me to enjoy the fruits of my lips. Thus I joyfully went out now too, yet everything looked otherwise. Strange silence grasped me  - the street was empty. I looked around once again and saw  a group of people at the far end of the street. I took my camera and thus this shot appeared :

You may wonder, where are the people? Does the absence of any life hear mean that all that was written on above belong just to my fantasy?
As I grasped that these people were standing in a line...at the closed door of the charitable institution, the lens of my camera in a reflex action focused on above the heads... and sky picture gifted some light to the back street' story. Just look below.

Here I am with my grandson Simonas. He is two month old already.
The same question "who am I?" bother us both, yet we put the different meaning into these words and thus we enjoy the different pictures while rejoicing at the same light.


crumbs of bread didn't sleep

crumbs of bread didn't sleep

My being is what I am doing at a moment. I am taking a photograph. I like such sketches. The pictures call into being the question  
"where do I come in here?"
Read what was grasped here ...
The crumbs of bread didn't sleep - report a story of peace and love


the freedom to choose

The scientists say, to think is human.
My response was this picture, the photo painting

Love is a key to this wonderland, which so likes to disguise as the trivial matters (what you see in the photo is what was left from my snack that was here once upon a time).
And today?
Can you relate the above and my earlier photography?  Let me know what you think.
Thank you.

photography of the light

The photography taught me to to introduce myself with the sunny pictures.

while rewriting the diary of a sick, I'm hiding my sorrowful story under the  symbols which just sparkle with light. That's why I love the fine arts - the beauty washes the reality, exchanges the tears into an awe. Happy discoveries.


They are looking at us

The seekers for beauty gazed at the ancient temples, and the seven wonders of the world were put on a list. The wiseacres analyzed the architectural engineering, and the libraries were overfilled with books, yet I wanted to add one more sight to that picture gallery. Now I am proud to announce
my picture They Are Looking At Us

The drain filter rescued the leaves, and the temples had the same intention to our ancestors. So we have dealings with the same symbols here.
The photo above indwells only in my sketchbook, yet does that mean any? The Church never was an object of the tourist's guidebook too.
The preservationists guards just buildings (the bricks), meanwhile the sanctuary responds just to those who pray in heart.
The picture may look lonely, yet heavy traffic produce the alike mood till we succeed to break through the mess. Though the moral on above sounds so clearly (looks as the obvious), yet it's hard to hear the truth because the helplessness of the sick heralds don't look attractively at the market (...)

Have a terrific day dear friends.


my gratitude for the peaceful awareness

Is it a landscape or what does the abstract report? Dim spots are silently playing hide-and-seek in the picture. Mysterious faces as appear as vanish from sight.
What's that?
The ambiguity may hurt, yet a sense of peaceful awareness fills the heart and it becomes so easy to breathe freely...
In my vase, the wondrous tulip came into flower to second the above truth.
Thus my day-to-day life entered this blog ...to be precise, the twilight of my room was illuminated by YOU.

Thank you dear followers of Art by Tomas site for that so lovely blogging experience. The awareness of your interest in my works and your generosity gave birth to my blog in a literal sense of this word.
The wish to show something new and nice to you as inspired all my pictures as enabled me to keep blogging till now  in spite of all my hardships. While thinking about you, I'm participating in life. Thus you gift the meaning to my being, enable me to forget my disability (the jobless' impotency to do anything except the passive looking through his window) ....
Thank you for the wish to break through the silence - for the wondrous healing through the awareness of your being.

This time, my special thanks go to P. Reetha...
Just  look at a scrolling text widget on above 
"Our love to others defines the footmarks we leave in life"

The instructions I got from BUSNESSVARTHA enabled me to make this widget despite the fact that I knew nothing about the HTML or the codes.
Though my technical skills are below zero, I don't fear anything. because I know dear P. Reetha would help me - I need just to ask.
Thus the pages were added to my blog and your comments appeared  on a sidebar...
BUSNESSVARTHA enables us not only to improve the appearance of our personal blogs, but creates sense of comfort and security wherever we go - the awareness of P. Reetha' willingness to help us supports greatly not only the blogging, but illuminate any path we may take.
Thank you the hot, dear P. Reetha


The sun is shining somewhere else

this picture awoke me to dreams: if the sun is shining somewhere else, it means that ...
I added the photo founding to my page in memoriam


Photo of Sleepy Spring or Two Thoughts On Tuesday

Photo of Sleepy Spring confirms the power of thoughts to create the traps of the interpretations. While viewing the picture, it is possible either to rejoice over the thaw (the spring finally came)or to fall into despair (where is the path?)

while the photography raises the questions, our responses share the light. I'm eagerly looking forward to your comments. Speak your mind. Thank you.

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visual melody of requiescat

All my problems were solved why listening to requiescat, and I was overfilled with the desire to share that visual melody with you all. Look the photo below, click on it for a larger view.

The listening leads to the hearing. My blog Art by Tomas invites you to welcome the unknown passersby as yourselves


love in disguise as pale flatness

High words appear at attempt to promote some idea, yet has that any in common with the true light, which silently show a path to each and all, who replaced  their judgmental comments into the gratitude for the ability to be? What is hiding under the term art illusions? Does that depict the flat surface of the picture, or talk about the beholder's response to his reality?

Each and all rejoiced over the marvelous bouquet, yet the fabulous flowers withered, and the manager took out the litters. Thus the tiny little leaflets inhabited the dirty snow. Love disguise as the flatness now, meanwhile the world of art continue to sparkle with new projects.

back to fairy tales

The photo painting call the beholder back to  fairy tales - to eternal youth in disguise as the twilight musing.

Light disguise as the dark landscapes and thus escape tourist's rush to nod to the message  for its purity would not be soiled with the popular prejudices.


meeting with oneself

These photos relate directly to Herald of Spring. Meeting With Oneself and the post below even may look like the twins if to look at the message. While the views vary between, the content remain similar to first impression- the need of identification of oneself  with what one looks at a moment feed up the mind.

I was taking photos, as other were doing something worthy to all. Oooops! The above talk so eloquently, isn't it?
The cuttings will allow the light to reach  dark windows quicker than earlier. Could get some any use of my  sketchbook?

Herald of Spring

The cutting silently gazed at the passersby. I looked at them too and took a photograph.  So the heralds of Spring  (people prune the trees at Spring) appeared on my blog.

The street will be rejuvenate. That's fine, yet it was hard to rejoice over these good news. The "heralds' were lying on a ground, they were thrown dawn for not to shadow the windows...

While it's fine to think about my grandson as a green leaflet who will dance in the air here soon, it's hard to look at the cutting as at the symbol of myself and my generation... - our good wishes transformed into the need of care of  the helpless retired and thus burdened the youth with the heavy taxes. The photograph talk eloquently : those, who shadow the windows, were pruned back...
I tried to comfort the cuttings- titled them the Heralds of Spring, yet it was  hard to see oneself in the silently lying on the pavement

What would be the application of what was grasped to practice?
I wanted to buy a flower but could bring home just my good wishes wrapped in the apology (there were no clicks on donate button).
The suicide is the deadly sin, yet is the begging any better?
The silent heralds of spring talk loudly.


photograph of white riddle

The white riddle below paints red my eyes. The pictures imprison me to wonder "who might that be?"

 I like to take photograph. The photos guard me from falling asleep on prejudice of self-righteous guru (demands to answer "what. is it?"). 

Need for keys expands my horizon greatly, teach to appreciate other much more than before writing the titles. This time Sandee' Tater People helped me to grasp my white riddles. I hope you too will found them worthy pondering deeper.


wet path of Art by Tomas toward you

As I look at you, I see the same Spirit, who indwells in each of us. Joy expands my horizons, opens the heart. The disabler even dared to visualize himself through your eyes. Thus the picture below appeared here.

I took a photograph of my yard, and got the picture of myself. My state of being revealed itself in the shot. Thus the simple photo obtained the power of a symbol,- we are looking at my wet road toward you now.
The photograph depicts the steps across the yard. I know, the current state just can't allure anybody, yet that's just a glimpse of a road which will throw down his mask soon. As I think about God, whose Spirit indwell in each of us, His love warmth my heart and current dirt burst into blossom . 

I submitted this post to BlogDumps- to Tops Sites Tuesday. Todays theme urges to tag my favorite blogs. I'm glad to welcome you all. Tag Your Favorite Blog

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