the wanderer

Today's artwork The Wanderer continues a cycle of my pictures On a Road.

While each new work adds something new to the theme, the puzzles did not vanish from sight. The questions knock on the heart stronger with each new step. While it was fine to talk about the love and reason about the creativity, it became hard to define a state of the current affairs...

I was to pass by a beggar and silently moved by the bondman at the entrance to a shop. But my heart was thundering. I had the nothing to give to him -my own pockets were empty.

Nobody blamed me, yet that was even worse - I had no chance to explain my behavior.

The invisible disabilities are much harder than life in a wheel chair, for example. Everything is clear to everyone there.

Yet let's return to the Wanderer - look at the picture on above.

The pictures do not bite, but hide the painful ambiguity under the colorful mystery. Thus the artworks warm the heart when she has the nothing to rejoice at... Let that be my New Year's Greetings to you.
Yes, it is still the November but let me jump over a time to be the first to greet you. I am saying so because I am going to turn off my computer because ...I do not want to spot your joy with sad stories. I do not want to muse on what it means to live without work and a penny in a pocket. Let you never experience any kind of disability (my reality).

 As I have no cash so no exhibitions will be arranged...
Nevertheless you will have a chance to enjoy my pictures in the archives as here as on all my other six blogs. Be happy my dear.


look of the town

Today's theme is Three Things You are Thankful For. So Blogdumps challenges to look at oneself once again. I want to thank Top Sites Tuesday for the help to see my town in the light of the gratitude. Today's theme filled the familiar views with the new insight.

Thankfulness is  ABC of our life, yet I would like to add the fourth letter here - Thank you for viewing of my artworks, for the chance to share my heart with you dear bloggers. That is the message of my Look of the Town

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my story

Recently I asked where is Butterfly, and Dorothy  from grammology replied "high above the trees and wet grounds..."
That address didn't changed despite all transformations which I had luck to witness. What where the tall trees once upon a time became the impotent to cast a shadow memories now. Have a look at them once again. That's my story. What you see in the picture is what I face each day at the entrance into my new house. Though THAT disguises as a stump, I see a mirror of my life in him - I recognize myself in this stump underfoot. Plus I see myself amidst the multitude of the representatives of the underground wonderland ... We all are longing for the Butterfly and therefore see Him in one other already now. This picture, as well as these that were mentioned on above, witness my journey home - art by Tomas


on a road to happiness

Just incredible stories are going on a road to happiness. So you may find as the mysterious blots, as the lovely street dreamers in the picture. See what you see. Let modern painting do not confuse you. The above photo reveals much more than just two random things about me: you will hear as the silent complaints of  the people with the invisible disabilities here, as will sense the power of the Lght's bearers in the the picture. That's my reality: while being diagnosed as a sick for life, I am talking about the the eternal values. I have the documents as of the artist, as of socially dependent disabled. In other words, all the above perfectly fit today's Top Sites Tuesday theme.
I think the above two things about me reveal the ambiguity of my situation in full / illustrates the daily need to choose what to do. I can either look at my window, or go out to welcome the passersby. This picture allures indeed

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
Networking between bloggers to have fun while doing it!
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The Digital Truth

The painting Digital Truth enabled me  to overview my life. As I look at the picture on above, I recognize as lots of  activities under these walls, as  my freedom to pass by in silence...I recalled the times when the workers of any kind were in great request. Thus the painting transferred me into the dreamland...
People say the autumn is the most colorful season of the year. That's so indeed. As I took the newspaper, just the admirable typography met me. I discovered the endless lists of  people who desperately needed the care. Wow, the reports were so colorful! Thus I enjoyed the reading. The beauty of the presentation exchanged my empty purse into the rich memories, forced the disabler to forget his factual helplessness.
So what's the art? Is it the divine healer, or the deceiver?


whats underfoot

I took this shot at my entrance into the hospital. That was a day of first snow. Thus the picture looks doubly symbolical : the accidental pick happened to be the prophetical: how many faces did you recognize here?
What would we leave after ourselves? That's the question of the last leaflet on my blog what's what at Tomas.


digital questions

This digital painting strive to look as wet watercolor. While some of you may remind my picture why does sunlight turn pale? or  listen to autumn melody once again- while you may recognize your pet and yourself in the picture, or have the laugh on dirty sketch...personally I was asked, what did I strive to  imitate? Had I any goal at all, or just enjoyed the play? What do I want to share with you? These digital questions convulsed and thus awakened me. 
As I submit my artwork to AlphaInventions, my creation will receive hundreds of clicks in minutes. I know that for sure. Yet what would be your word of mouth?
During my time in hospital, I encountered with just incredible abundance of the questions. That was the new experience, but the harmony wasn't destroyed (I lost ability to respond anyhow) .... It would be fine to continue, yet I should stop here now, because the doctor came in and the visitation has started. Isn't that symbolical?


lonely optimist

While many mourn they destiny and fear the future,  I did't experience any dullness, but enjoy life that is free from any monotony: my chair by the window will be replaced by the hospital bed today. I can just to guess what Tomorrow is going to gift to me. So the picture on a top makes clear life is beautiful, isn't it? For example, just look here... or here... Hope you will enjoy too and speak your mind . Thank you.