painting without paintbrush

earth remembers everything-2011 digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
Is it possible to paint without the paintbrush?
See for yourself. By the way, this image looks the best in its origin size (80x60cm)
My painting didn't portray any separate sculpture but talks about the the whole sculpture park. So its viewing should be based not on examination of the separate strokes but on seeking the traces of Klaipėda's history..  So please open your eyes widely for the inner light could help you to break through the ambiguity of these shapes.
Hope you will have the adventurous journey and I will receive lots of your constructive comments.

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master-key to art according to Tomas Karkalas

At return home, I suddenly stopped and took this shot.
It was hidden in my archives till now, when I got the invitation to join Top Sites Tuesday on BlogDumps.com. The loveliest memories of prior meetings on this Social Blog Community helped me to grasp my current emotions, to understand why did I take my camera then . I reminded your comments and thus was enabled to see the image on my sketchbook as the master-key to discovery of oneself.
I took this photography on my backyard, yet it depicts not the entrance to my home but the ability to see the life.
Art consists not of making original compositions but the way we look at our being here and now. Therefore each photography witnesses our discovery of ourselves - Thank you, dear BlogDumps.

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the cost of dream

The day approaches the night the same way as it did yesterday. Should I act likewise? Should I replace the awe towards the wondrous aroma of life with the trader's insights? Should I shift from joy to paint to the wisdom of self promotion?
I understand that such way could bring me some earnings, and the received money could enable me to purchase the desirable things I desperately  need today, but I do not wish to spot my canvases - I do not wish to lose self-respect (do not wish to become the liar) : I am not the creator of  the light but only its admirer.
I think the above picture portrays my emotions well enough, talks eloquently. Yet how to put such 'art' into the simple words? What do I do? Am I promoting the faithfulness (witness the spirituality), or just hide personal inability of the disabler to do provide for myself under the mask of the philosophy of the fine arts?
I surrendered hope to take a good camera one day  and became ashamed of myself - is that the cost of dream?
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once and now

I just followed the sunbeam and thus this painting happened. It was fine and I didn't question how it looks like from the outside - I just painted and therefore Tomas Karkalas was alive. Now the situation became more complicated - I want to say something wise (worthy the sharing) and the wish to make my response to life challenge the notable brings the headaches to me -viewing from the outside my purity may look like the pose, but I know that's not so - Once and Now both are present at a moment.  Just the joy to follow the sunbeam was complemented by the wish to hear you. Lets look at the time mystery.
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