While painting I was wandering around the dreamland, but the time came to awake. Lots of exhibitions were arranged but can they be defined as public talking? The sharing of the received visions looks like talking with the art showroom's dead wall. The same talking to myself.

Only your comments can justify the threatening sky and give meaning to blogging.



Tomas Karkalas painting from the cycle self-knowledge 2015 canvas, oil 60x70cm

 "Stress and anxiety are contagious, because intensity and reactivity only breed more of the same." ~ Charlie Badenhop


A key to success

Tomas Karkalas - photo WE BOTH ARE ALIKE
Recognition of ourselves in others is a key to success. An accidental photo helped me to grasp the above truth. The reminder helps me not stumble on my road.


Butterfly in the plaster greets you.

The lack of dye stimulated creativity and improved blood circulation in the body, which made the artist very productive in me. I have held sixty-six solo exhibitions of my paintings.

The smell of various thinners has long forgotten my room, and paint brushes have become bouquets of dry flowers in a vase on my living room table. Nevertheless, my eyes shine not with tears but with joy. do you find it strange?
Let me explain that. I used to call all my work by the same name, ”a painting from the cycle of self-discovery". That was a prophetic insight: the brushes were forgotten in the vase, and the heart opened to Jesus. The painter died, but Tomas Karkalas (butterfly in plaster) reborn on Facebook.

Tomas Karkalas 2015 - the Earth will talk



Beauty is not the flowers but the wish to draw them

The beauty is not the flowers, but the desire to draw them

Looking at my life from the outside can look painfully black, or just a fantastic story. A story that anyone who knows me would tell in the most contrasting colors. For example, I am a hopeless patient whose life is a miracle of medicine, an unemployed disabled person, a perpetual moaner ... or vice versa, a well-known artist, a photographer - a great figure who never talks about himself. Each of these statements is easy to document, as is the truth that most people who know everything have already gone beyond. What's common is that everyone recognizes that I've learned something somewhere, that I'm not self-taught, but no one can say exactly what I learned and where.
Well, I tell myself I'm sitting at home now and write:

While being inside, I enjoy the sun outside.

Isn't it a miracle to want to be the most beautiful flower and say "Thank you" in a windy winter?

That's what I am. And that's why I draw and do everything I just do, and gratefulness lives in my creations
first time it was Posted on TOMAS 2015-01-15, and was slightly edited today - now is February 9, 2020.