Art by Tomas play with words

The thaw uncover what's lying under a snow. Thus my old sketches revived. What was planed to use as a banner to my art show once upon a time gaze at me and inquire now:
How are you?

I'm going to celebrate the victory over the meaningless being. Tomorrow I will take a photograph of  a mud. That means my actions will have the purpose.

The dust.... What is it? 


one of many Art by Tomas headers

I love to wander around old town and enjoy the houses. Then I guess "what's under roof? and have no time to think it should be an awful bore doing nothing more than listening to self-repeating talks, because the headers of my blogs burst into view then. 'Art by Tomas' revives while wandering around my homeland.


While people appeal to the eternal truths, Google looks for what is new here. The search engines didn't count the images -they are building PR on the faceless numbers. Only children still believe a saying "a picture is worthy hundred words". 
Nevertheless, lets look at what's under roof.  Let the melody of the lullabies erase all bad news from nowadays papers. Let's recall the true meaning of the night: it's the time when the childhood' toys awake in a fairy-tale.


how art therapy could burst into blossom

It's snowing now. Everything look nice outside, yet the drivers do not think that's fine in spite all attempts of the snowflake to sat the people back into an awe towards the eloquence of the astounding whiteness.
As I looked around once again, the light was discovered only above my sick-bed.  The dark window gazed at me and there were no secret in that: it was night, the time when the toys awake in the fiery tales and the art therapy burst into blossom

Wow! I vision  the magical transformation of  my "no cash" into the ability to purchase the new paintbrush due to your click on my donate button ...

The sickness  opened my heart, the poverty enabled me to see the beauty.... I'm lacking just a pen.
Dear readers, your click on donate button may help me to cover up my everyday living with the gratitude and love.Please help me.

Thank you for the help to forget my current helplessness due my disability.


Art by Tomas anniversary

Each time Art by Tomas blog loads on my screen, the widget How much love? looks at me from the sidebar and asks "Do I have something important to say?''
Thus blogging helps me to awake to the fact that it is time to take action. Then I put on my best suit for to take the litters out of my room.

This page celebrates its anniversary today and wish good day to all from Top Sites Tuesday.
Welcome to my gallery. Hope you will like the pictures and the artworks will illuminate your day.

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peace and love

 while many talked about love and recognized her omnipotent power to transform the darkness into the smile of the gratitude for being alive, the warnings to stay secure on line didn't ceased, but increased. While many talk about 'self improvement' and share just fabulous techniques on that topic, the fights for the privacy rights fill our life too.
It is not boring to live indeed. Just look around. All notebooks blossom out with the inspiring quotes:
"Toil and risk are the price of glory, but it is a lovely thing to live with courage and die leaving an everlasting fame." --Alexander the Great
The stars humble and shame me for the complaints for my hardships- silence the jobless disabled. Yet that  enables me to confess aloud,  
my remaining alive till now is my claim to fame that points at my family and thus praise God.

Peace and Love


the fabulous dream at the fireplace

The fireplace associates with the dream in gathering family together when it is so cold outside. The fairy tales revive in the flames and the fabulous shadows start to sing the lullabies  which are already forgotten in our modern world. The eternal truths rock world logic. Thus the photography of the wrapped slice of bred on the kitchen table blossomed out with the new meaning. Just look on above. Do you hear the silence? See yourself in the picture?

I edited my post  Kiss Metamorphosis by adding my photo-painting Let it be Thus. Hope you will enjoy my memoirs.

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
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unexpected recovery

I was sick - felt myself very sick at a moment I heard that the words we speak have power to heal. Yet the hot 'Wow!' came out as out of itself then. I jumped out of my bed and immediately turned on the TV.
Unfortunately, the news were...I just fear to pronounce that word. Thus only the sorrowful Oooops.... managed to come out . If the words we say heal us indeed, then how to explain the destructive to smile impact of the public speeches? Why?

I went out, yet wandered around only a second. I saw a man, who dig the snow for our walk could be more comfortable. He didn't complain for the life injustices, but dig.
Then I saw the children who were involved in the passionate snowball fight. I...I just have no strength to mourn further. Thus I bought the red-red rouse and gifted the flower to old lady who was moving by me at a moment.
Hot thank you for her presence among us came out of itself. The woman dint understood any, but we both bloomed with smile.
The words we say heal us indeed. The above look so simple, yet there is a hook. We need to smile but not to think about what profit will be produced by such activity. We are healed by the purity of the smile.
This story was not a fiction. I can swear by all gods for each word was the truth . This story reports what was learned by me from my Life History studies.

You might like to read more about my outlook on art and life, so just click here and enjoy the fine arts' bath


the eloquent figures from the sausage-meat stories

The sausage-meat was going to transform into the cutlets, and the story of the kitchen bowl would vanished from sight in the frying-pan forever, but I was in time to take a shot. You see that photography on the above. The simple shapes of the picture just mesmerized me at a moment I broke through the flatness of first impression. The sausage-meat revived in eloquent figures and thus enabled  me to witness/review the world history in an old bowl.
I do not want to say this photo is the artwork, yet I think it is worthy your attention nevertheless, because the fine arts reveal not the beauty of the visual forms, but our mindset which shapes our lifestyle.


I'm glad to share my findings with you

I looked around the market, yet didn't find any poetry here. Yet my time wasn't spent in wain - I understood the cause of  the fierce battle for the survival  today. I hope you will benefit from my research on what's what too. Thus have a look....