passionate silence

Welcome to my Picture Gallery

I hope you enjoyed this slide show. Unfortunately these pictures composed my farewell to the world. I say so, because the costly equipment is needed to put my visions into the digital artworks for I could share my visual thoughts with you for a free...
While earning nothing I lived on faith alone... Your nice feedbacks were my only supporters. Your interest in my works enabled me to arrange many. Thank you. Unfortunately Art by Tomas earned nothing in the readies, and therefore the jobless artist became out of artistic materials.   Thus the farewell approached. 
Time from time, I wrote about my need (asked for the support), yet received only the compliments for the beauty of my writings... Thus my apologies for my visual stories wouldn't please you any more, and that's  all I can to do at a moment.
I do not know how long the blogspot.com would keep Art by Tomas on a web. Yet you are welcomed to browse my archives till then.

Sincerely yours
Tomas Karkalas

I would greatly appreciate your support.
Thank you.


What Do You Want from Santa this Year?

 Dear Santa, please come and stay with us for ever.
 That's my only dream and the answer to BlogDumps' "What Do You Want from Santa this Year" 

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uncompleted painting

This painting was uncompleted, yet that incompletion made the image worthy remembrance. Let me explain the above.

This artwork was started as the art therapy club Modus Vivendi' work on last day of its existence. Then nobody knew that except club's head, artist Renatė Lūšis. She didn't complain for the administration' decision to close the club, but arranged the Advent Party to the sick. Nobody knew that it was not the hospital but Renate, who paid for the gifts. The Christmas were coming.Nobody thought about the cost...

Thank you dear Renatė Lūšis  

The archives of Modus Vivendi talks loudly. The fine arts enable peoples with the paintbrushes to forget their disabilities, to look for the light and thus heal as them, as their viewers.


old photo

Old photo perfectly depicts my mood today. How is this?
Cost of living allowance force the Love to retreat to bookshelf. Thus the smile hides in wise quotes in  these troubled times. However the situation is not the hopeless. While browsing the web I found the Smoking wheelie bin in Yambo, and the photo sat me back in awe.  I was inspired by the maddog's attitude towards the life - by the magical transformation that took place due his courage to look at life with love: while viewing at the dustbin I smelt the flowers... I hope you will visit this wonderful blog too and enjoy its stories, which could be defined the best as the visual application of love to the practice of day-to-day life.
Do you remind what helps us to overcome the threatening silence of the street?


what's better?

Random thoughts have power to captivate, meanwhile set speech makes just a noise, because what comes as if out of itself depicts the heart and thus makes the passersby the followers, meanwhile the set speeches succeed just in making the projects that quickly lose themselves on a spanless sea of good intentions to resist the destiny. So it's good to speak at random. That's much better than to complain about the forced joblessness, isn't it?


a house on a windowsill

What you see here is the photo of a house on a windowsill. Do you want it wrapped?

The wrapping would create the illusion of something worthy unwrapping . The stylish package should hide the reality of the dark windows near the sparkling center of the town. Thus the creative framing transform the ordinary picture into the famous artwork...

It would be good if we could decorate our Christmas tree not with the the artificial smiles or the wondrous handworks but day-to-day grateful walk.
While most of us think only of ourselves, God creates the miracle during each Mass.
The Mass puts clearly that following Jesus and carrying His cross is not something we all should do, but the most desirable gift to us. So let's experience that greatest happiness by helping the weaker and welcoming the unknown other as ourselves.
That's the message of the art by Tomas.


remain nameless

Current affairs....I must apologize for the definitions of my pictures, because my diary spotted  the artworks by mixing the sparkling visions of global peace with sorrow for personal limitations to follow them.  So It's no wonder that the silence dwell in art showroom.
I would like to think that I already did almost everything I could to do in my life. So nothing remains but to retreat. I am joining the leaves you see on above, and all my artworks become your property. Please accept the wanderer and  what's new Tomas Hope you will enjoy the  Digital Truth, My Fall Festival  and all other works. I hope you will discover yourselves in overview of my pictures and your diaries will accept the nameless beauty  as your own memories.


the wanderer

Today's artwork The Wanderer continues a cycle of my pictures On a Road.

While each new work adds something new to the theme, the puzzles did not vanish from sight. The questions knock on the heart stronger with each new step. While it was fine to talk about the love and reason about the creativity, it became hard to define a state of the current affairs...

I was to pass by a beggar and silently moved by the bondman at the entrance to a shop. But my heart was thundering. I had the nothing to give to him -my own pockets were empty.

Nobody blamed me, yet that was even worse - I had no chance to explain my behavior.

The invisible disabilities are much harder than life in a wheel chair, for example. Everything is clear to everyone there.

Yet let's return to the Wanderer - look at the picture on above.

The pictures do not bite, but hide the painful ambiguity under the colorful mystery. Thus the artworks warm the heart when she has the nothing to rejoice at... Let that be my New Year's Greetings to you.
Yes, it is still the November but let me jump over a time to be the first to greet you. I am saying so because I am going to turn off my computer because ...I do not want to spot your joy with sad stories. I do not want to muse on what it means to live without work and a penny in a pocket. Let you never experience any kind of disability (my reality).

 As I have no cash so no exhibitions will be arranged...
Nevertheless you will have a chance to enjoy my pictures in the archives as here as on all my other six blogs. Be happy my dear.


look of the town

Today's theme is Three Things You are Thankful For. So Blogdumps challenges to look at oneself once again. I want to thank Top Sites Tuesday for the help to see my town in the light of the gratitude. Today's theme filled the familiar views with the new insight.

Thankfulness is  ABC of our life, yet I would like to add the fourth letter here - Thank you for viewing of my artworks, for the chance to share my heart with you dear bloggers. That is the message of my Look of the Town

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my story

Recently I asked where is Butterfly, and Dorothy  from grammology replied "high above the trees and wet grounds..."
That address didn't changed despite all transformations which I had luck to witness. What where the tall trees once upon a time became the impotent to cast a shadow memories now. Have a look at them once again. That's my story. What you see in the picture is what I face each day at the entrance into my new house. Though THAT disguises as a stump, I see a mirror of my life in him - I recognize myself in this stump underfoot. Plus I see myself amidst the multitude of the representatives of the underground wonderland ... We all are longing for the Butterfly and therefore see Him in one other already now. This picture, as well as these that were mentioned on above, witness my journey home - art by Tomas


on a road to happiness

Just incredible stories are going on a road to happiness. So you may find as the mysterious blots, as the lovely street dreamers in the picture. See what you see. Let modern painting do not confuse you. The above photo reveals much more than just two random things about me: you will hear as the silent complaints of  the people with the invisible disabilities here, as will sense the power of the Lght's bearers in the the picture. That's my reality: while being diagnosed as a sick for life, I am talking about the the eternal values. I have the documents as of the artist, as of socially dependent disabled. In other words, all the above perfectly fit today's Top Sites Tuesday theme.
I think the above two things about me reveal the ambiguity of my situation in full / illustrates the daily need to choose what to do. I can either look at my window, or go out to welcome the passersby. This picture allures indeed

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The Digital Truth

The painting Digital Truth enabled me  to overview my life. As I look at the picture on above, I recognize as lots of  activities under these walls, as  my freedom to pass by in silence...I recalled the times when the workers of any kind were in great request. Thus the painting transferred me into the dreamland...
People say the autumn is the most colorful season of the year. That's so indeed. As I took the newspaper, just the admirable typography met me. I discovered the endless lists of  people who desperately needed the care. Wow, the reports were so colorful! Thus I enjoyed the reading. The beauty of the presentation exchanged my empty purse into the rich memories, forced the disabler to forget his factual helplessness.
So what's the art? Is it the divine healer, or the deceiver?


whats underfoot

I took this shot at my entrance into the hospital. That was a day of first snow. Thus the picture looks doubly symbolical : the accidental pick happened to be the prophetical: how many faces did you recognize here?
What would we leave after ourselves? That's the question of the last leaflet on my blog what's what at Tomas.


digital questions

This digital painting strive to look as wet watercolor. While some of you may remind my picture why does sunlight turn pale? or  listen to autumn melody once again- while you may recognize your pet and yourself in the picture, or have the laugh on dirty sketch...personally I was asked, what did I strive to  imitate? Had I any goal at all, or just enjoyed the play? What do I want to share with you? These digital questions convulsed and thus awakened me. 
As I submit my artwork to AlphaInventions, my creation will receive hundreds of clicks in minutes. I know that for sure. Yet what would be your word of mouth?
During my time in hospital, I encountered with just incredible abundance of the questions. That was the new experience, but the harmony wasn't destroyed (I lost ability to respond anyhow) .... It would be fine to continue, yet I should stop here now, because the doctor came in and the visitation has started. Isn't that symbolical?


lonely optimist

While many mourn they destiny and fear the future,  I did't experience any dullness, but enjoy life that is free from any monotony: my chair by the window will be replaced by the hospital bed today. I can just to guess what Tomorrow is going to gift to me. So the picture on a top makes clear life is beautiful, isn't it? For example, just look here... or here... Hope you will enjoy too and speak your mind . Thank you.


the preparation for the upcoming feast of All Souls Day

These photos were taken while wandering around my town. The day was sunny and the peace indwelt my heart, helped me to prepare for the upcoming feast of All Souls Day.
Typically the sculptures bear the names of their authors, yet you dint see them below these picks, because I  rejoiced not over the works of the artists I respect, but listened at the breath of my town - I encountered not with the stone creations of some, but met oneself .Thus the sculptures awaken to chat with me and comforted me - the fine arts enabled me to see my own yard in the new light by questioning me where do I head.


last idle days in my yard

I named this picture Last Idle Days in My Yard, because I will be in the hospital since Tuesday. Wow, it is even hard to trust that would come so fast. One who can't neither drive a car, nor manage any virtual business on a web (no credit card) would become...The Patient then. Amidst the people with the psychiatric disorders, my current Total Zero will vanish from sight - I will receive again an opportunity to voice my encounters with the spiritual world that have visited me not once when I walked on the edge of the death after the trauma in 1974.
At a glimpse, the above information just can't interest anybody except me.Thus  the question  arise, why should you read all the above? Would that be the cost for the viewing the artwork? Why did I bother you with the exclusively personal news?
My joy at my November could be yours too, if you would read between the lines. A word November soon would mark our calendar, but it depicts our last chance too - what the AUTUMN mean to you? Just a season of an year, or the overview of our being here and now?
That's why Butterfly in the Plaster addresses you now.


once there lived child for life

Once there lived ... while you see the picture on above, please read its story by clicking here...


My fall festival

What you see in this photo is what makes my fall festival worthy the sharing. Light from the beyond the picture gives the meaning to the ruins and transforms the complaints into the gratitude.

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The cost of beauty

Not art colors, but the attitude of the people towards life values defines the cost of beauty on our day-to-day walk. While all peaople admire the flowers, not the blossom but the way of the presentation of the flowers warm the heart of the recipient.
So what do you see on above? Is that just an artWORK or ... the heart?

While wandering around my town, I was just pierced by  the encounter with that view. Once upon a time a tree bloomed here... and so I did once upon a time. Yet in the photo on above you see just the remnants now...not the famous art therapist, whose words are worthy pondering,  but just the disabler's plead for help...
Unfortunately, while talking nicely about the spirituality and just incredible power of the sense of the oneness of humanity to influence our life for better, the world dismiss the beggars....and that's right. I TOO just feared myself now. Just think. While there are lots of people who have no shelter and starve, I have dared to dream about the costly apparatus for recording my own visions and addressed you for the help. Was it not a pinnacle of  the selfishness?
It is easy to talk about Fine art, to read the stories True Friend, or Street Encounters, but  it's ugly to listen to the weeping of the artist, who worries for his own impotence to continue his shows.

Excuse me please.


The Fine arts lead a beholder to encounter with oneself and thus test his visions

The fine arts lead a beholder to encounter with oneself, test his visions:


the glance of the fall

Fine arts sparkle with color amidst the daily round, and the beholder forgets sad story of his day-to-day walk  The glance of the fall captivates- the pictures chain up the viewer. He didn't enjoy the end - the message of the fall- yet the  the autumnal beauty put him under a charm and sat back in awe, twisted the message of the heaven, because who could enjoy the cemetery otherwise?

Sincerely Yours
1955- ?

smile to oneself

As I visualized my own eyes in the place of the leaves on wet pavement, the picture revived at once.
while photo quality depends on the class of camera, the fine arts ignores our apparatus and knocks on the heart via our mindset.. So What's my response?
Life didn't crashed just my smile to oneself . See my street encounters.
By the way, this artwork (like my all works) looks much better in its natural size (80x60 cm) and...if  viewing the canvas from some distance.
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Challenge of a street

The pictures below are the photos - not an artistic fantasy, but the reality. That's my favorite movie.
Yet is here any to enjoy?
... I am looking at my printer now. It is turned of already for a long, because ... that would be already the complaining, the begging for the help. Thus please excuse me for not ending the sentence. Let's jump over time to the well known to all of us statement "if you can dream it, you can make it" So to speak, care for yourself and make what you dream by yourself.
Yet is that not a deceit of oneself? And others too.
While it is the obvious that the dependent on the grace disabled can't provide neither for himself, nor his family, we all can just a little more...if we trust just in ourselves and thus reject God's Love , which is the omnipotent.

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The Resurrection

- F.Scott Fitzgerald

I have read the Happy Quote and looked around. Thus the photo you see on above have appeared. My memory was awaken...see here. Yet the question is this beauty or the weed? doesn't  bother me now.  I have looked at myself  and my house through the lenses of what was mastered by me while blogging :  the comments we are leaving on others posts, define the hits we are receiving.
I was happy to accept Harriet's Comment Challenge. Art by Tomas put the dreaming about the Heavenly Peace into the practice of my day-to-day walk.


true friend

I named this photo the true friend. Thus the ground underfoot  was honored and rewarded me with  silent yet omnipotent support:  each time my eyes fall down now, the wonderful visions awake since then and dry up my tears.
I am glad to confess the above truth, yet have I the right to name her the artwork? Though this pick is my indeed, but I myself am picked up. When we talk about our handicrafts, we can either rejoice over human creativity, or try to edit what was done already. My true friend is free from the above ambiguity, his eyes are always lifted up.
So to speak, the photo gifted a key to life to me, and I am proud of sharing that precious keyword with you now: Do you know God's name?


catch the light

I see today's Top Sites Tuesday theme as a key to the wonderland of the eternal light...or a miracle of color, eye-to-eye meeting with oneself . All the above reveal what "My Favorite thing about Fall is..." is about. In Autumn, the images that surround us reflect not a season, but our dealing with time, and the below sketch proves that, isn't it?

What's interesting in this artwork?

I am going to write as about the location of the picture as what I had in mind by talking about the key in my next post. Yet I hope you already see that in the picture.
It would be lovely to hear your comments. I would greatly appreciate your constructive feedback.
Thank you.

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proof of remaining alive

My blogs were fearured by Mel Avila Alarilla. His wonderful overview of my artworks made my day literally. When it seemed as if everything falls apart, dear Mel awoke me again. Thank you for that lovely support. Your interest in my activity was my greatest award, the proof of my remaining alive till now and my being not the totally useless.  Thank you once again.
Dear bloggers, please visit the Literatti-An Artistic Blog. You will have a good time there too. Its description states: This is an artistic blog where we showcase the best in the world of arts from world famous timeless masterpieces to classical musics by the masters to literary works of arts by world famous writers. To Live In Order To Please God And To Give Glory To His Name.


longing for light

When I get home, I like to thumb my sketchbook, to put together day-to-day deeds with my dreams. Usually the  reality contrasts with my dreams. While it is always painful to admit that the picture fits just to dustbin, I like such life's discipline. It enables me to see clearer what I am longing for. Therefore I like  the image below. Though this sketch never would be framed, yet it helped me to sense  the light- to rejoice not over my  crafts, but the heavenly light that illuminates the darkness underfoot and urges us to shake hands with each other, to recognizes the fellows in prior unknown passersby.

sincerity needs ground to grow for to flower in day-to-day life.

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the untitled

While decorating cemetery we edit history, yet street stones forget nothing. So the above photo story tests my faithfulness and thus the simple shot becomes the precious.


reality of hope

Each view is a picture, yet not every image receives the title of the artwork. So what's that? Does art pieces reflect the harmony between our inner and outer worlds, or just human prejudices? How the above relates to the shot below?
I named this photo Reality of Hope. 

The leaves hung high...once upon a time. They were green, and all looked alike.
We all were young too. And the wonder caused us to learn to discover a color, and we were growing in understanding, in the maturity of the light. Thus what was just green leaflet blossomed in the fabulous palette, and the autumn colors knocked on the heart. What's behind the picture?


My harvest

The picture starts almost each my post. The artworks differ between in size and technique. Thus  visual impression vary from post to post too, and ultimately my  all six blogs (my all on line art galleries) not duplicate one other, but give a  sense of the fresh approach towards "to be or not to be" each time anew. Have a look at the photo below.

Exotic views attract, catch the viewers and thus promote the tourism. At first glance, my photos  have nothing to offer to the lovers of old castles, yet their are no less wondrous: the images deal not with the shapes of my surrounding, but the essence of human being here and now. It would be hard to define the geographical location of my pictures, yet there is the light that that pierces us everywhere alike. So to speak, my pictures call to enter into the world beyond the canvas- to respond to one's own heart.

The dreamer, who address you now, lives in the picture on above. There are no noisy running, but firm trust in a miracle. The mailman will knock on the door one day and your support will enable these virtual images to receive the tangible shapes of the recognition of oneself in others. While viewing my archives I humbly bow to the omnipotence of the Divine Spirit, who indwell in each of us and makes the beggars the real giants.


out of focus for the sake of clarity

Each day we grow in understanding ...- the educated mind enables us to grasp the history deeper than it was proclaimed yesterday, frees people from worry for the eternal values. The modern artists hurry to respond  to this time challenge too - many are learning to sell themselves.While few succeed, many complain, yet the picture looks nice. Just look. Though I have no money to purchase the art materials, but  I still can write the descriptions of the artworks that would appear one day, maybe.


Wall of partition or the Stone Mirror

The gateway to the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders divides apart the wall you see below.  Thus what will be discovered by you in the photo  would depend solely on  your sense of direction. Two pictures came in result. You can either turn away from that cracky picture, or  sit back in awe towards the magic  of tiny leaves to decorate the image of people who were locked here ... for life ...I say so, because once recognized as mentally ill can just to wander around their yard, but have no hope to re-enter the life on the outside.

The above Stone Mirror talks in guessworks. Just listen to the photo. A story of the cracked wall silences, yet bright color of the leaves giifts the hope, and thus enables me to address you again. My dear, the picture I was talking  about depicted ... my current personal location.
So, while talking about the Stone Mirror, I was looking at the portrait of myself... Wish to live is the hardest thing to do - your support could change that situation, yet have I the right to ask for the help?

It may be the last time I will push the button "publish" now, yet the arxhives will remain ...Feel free yourself to browse them, to examin my online art galleries ...
the end of art by Tomas

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identification card of my harvest

I think, the photo below needs no comments. As a saying goes, the picture is worthy thousand words. So lets muse on it.

Rambling on art put me under a charm. While searching for nice images, I even didn't noticed the coming of an autumn. Yet time of harvest arrived, and I was asked about my earnings. I looked around, and thus the shot you see on above was made. I recognized myself in that construction and titled her as my identification card.
The desire  to hug you (to link our blogs) indwells here, yet it doesn't attract the tourists (there is nothing to enjoy from the architectural viewpoint) Thus what does remain? 
... lets skip over long list of mourning. There is nothing interesting to read about the fairs of the disabled for the raise of the cost for living. Let's think about the place of the Spirit in our world. That would be much more beneficially. Time to say farewell rapidly approaches.
Yet you still have an opportunity to look here... Just click on the above.


delivery price of my dreams reveal place of the memory

The below photo story puts everything plainly There is a little to add.

the colors of my window are in constant change. Though the darkness comes each day,  yet the light don't leave my page - each day I receive your emails that fill my heart with gratitude for remaining alive and give a meaning to my blog Art by Tomas. The delivery price of my dreams reveal the place of the memory - enables me to forget the strict restrictions of  my walk as the sick for life and to move forward.
Looking at the light creates the miracle that I am happy to share with you.
Thank you.