street prompts

The photo I took today confirmed what we see and enjoy are two different things. I didn't admire that modern sculpture, yet it inspired some thoughts.

The environment spoke loudly, yet it was hard to see the thoughts clearly. The ambiguity became thick and it was easy to lose the way if not the emotions which illustrated my mind eloquently. That is why it is beneficial to visit art showrooms and listen to the silence that unlocks the heart to crown the inner light. The art colors guard us from going astray. We need just to wish to listen to street prompts. Looking at the artwork not always means the applauding to it, but always deals with the responsibility for the way we take in response.

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is it colored or stained?

Paints and morality are the inseparable from each other, because while talking about the fine arts people always focus on the eternal values and thus awake from their rubber-stamp activity. The regain of the consciousness should inspire, yet that opening of the eyes raise up lots of questions. The puzzle-headed 'What is that?' came out of me on a road to the music library where the international exhibition of watercolor artists should be opened. I gazed at the note MYLIU (in English that means I love) yet it was hard to answer what I encountered with in the concrete. Was the lighting pylon stained or decorated? The photo can look either nice or not, yet can the questions be meaningless?

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the fine arts run a test on being in public life

International  Camp of the Water Color artists is going in Klaipeda, Lithuania for the 36th time already, yet this one is very special to my grandson Simonas. His visit to the opening of our exposition was his first appearance in the public life. So the above is the historical event. The fine arts run a test on being in public life. Simonas is only 6 month old, so he couldn't leave any feedback to us, but he put on a smile to our faces - helped me to grasp the responsibility for the artworks I dared to exhibit in the show.
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peace of the fields

click on a picture for a better view
Peace of the fields is my last picture. It is possible to discuss either it is the art or not, yet I love this digital painting, because the creative work put on a smile to my face. It would be fine if this art by Tomas would enable you to sense the dream of the fresh air too. I hope that will happen so because the perfection of the painting is not the mastery of putting the paints on some surface, but the way we think (our approach to life and oneself) Thus each time I take my paintbrush, I become the grateful participant of the art therapy healing. I say so because the way we look creates just the miracles- transforms the complaints for personal destiny into the desire to share the conceived beauty of our being. While painting I do not think about my broken head-bones (constant headaches) and diabetes but enjoy the mind travels. so though my sickness can't be removed, but I can overcome my limitations, and I do that - not complain for my empty pocket but talk about the peace of the fields and discover that inside myself.
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the same new evening

Digital painting makes an empty screen into the ARTWORK and thus re-names my gazing at the window into something worthy the sharing. It was fine to look at my being as the creative work and thus to forget the disabler's needlessness...yet I am not going to fall into the wise musings about the art therapy but confess the truth - the picture was named the same new evening
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how my stray thoughts were laid into the artwork

This digital painting appeared in response to peace that overfilled me. While I meditated, prior stray thoughts laid into the artwork that you see on above. The colors revived as I listened to the light and talked with the silence. It was just miraculous experience.
That resulted not from knowledge of some how-to technique, but was God's gift. My choice to listen to the heavenly message was richly rewarded at a moment I gave top priority to the divine guidance in my life.

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The secret of the attraction of my archives

My digital archives remind me of my being not alone . This knowledge is necessary to deal  with the painful emotions wisely: the artworks enable me to face my disability with the smile and not to fall into the trap of self-pity but ride the sunbeam  with the gratitude for being alive. So the browsing through the archives becomes the art therapy that helps me to recover from the nips of surface beauty in order to awake to the mystery of inner world.
Art galleries reward their visitors with the magical wand (with the ability to grasp the omnipotence of the spiritual powers) That is the secret of the attraction of the pictures. The fine arts free us from a killing sense of personal needlessness and helps to discover joy in our responsibility for being alive here and now. These are the statements to ponder
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beauty of my passing

It is the custom to give nice titles to the artworks. I like that tradition. It forces to think - to rename what one sees in front by shifting from worry for self to the dreams. That is the art therapy, the power of the fine arts to rename the everyday cares into something just unforgettable.
The passing is sorrowful experience, yet we can see some beauty here too. As you know, the diaries are used to grow into the objects that are worthy examination. So we all have a chance. This picture stands in line too.
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peaceful Passing

What you see on above is my passing - the farewell, yet the peaceful farewell, so I am glad to leave it.
The complicated story looks worse  than the picture, so I questioned myself  either have I the right to smear the colorful  illusions of this digital painting by adding the information about the hand that holded the paintbrush?
If we pass by the flowers without mentioning them, that doesn't mean the flowers didn't exist, isn't it?
The same apply to all the sick.Yet while talking with my windowsill I have grasped that people are used to note those who shout loudly and ignore ones who just patiently look through the window despite their peaceful eyes.
The artists retire and leave their crafts to others. Flowers and Foliages inspire. It's fine to look around.. The flowers are not only mental  , but tangible too -the  wonderful shields against self pity in disguise as the irony.
So let's smile.


survey of my creative work

At a glimpse the archives point to past, yet old pictures amaze with their mastery to report the current affairs in detail - better than today's papers. The survey of my creative work  enables me to conclude

while talking about the light  that fills us all and illuminates the path to us all, the artists are used to point to their own canvases only.
The above makes clear why there are much more people on a beach than in the art showroom.
Eloquent poetry and the unforgettable quotes overfill our diaries. We produce lots of worthy pondering statements, yet what matters indeed is only our dialog (communication)- the joy to free ourselves from seeing potential customers in next to us. The above might look like a call to reject the logic, yet it is only way to catch the sunbeam . The archives testify for the above, explain my choice - Thank You!