in the mood to muse on art & life

Upon the look to say something meaningful, the artworks may serve us well. Just consider the image below.
The picture provides us with a chance to experience our free will - we are free to turn away from the image and pass by it in a silence. The sense of the freedom is something we all desire for, and the fine arts fulfill our dreams , thus I hope to get your comments.
The painting looks like watercolor, yet it is the digital creation. This picture may look as an abstract in spite a photography that originated it. In the light of above, do you see any symbolic meanings here? What are they?
Therefore I titled this work as in the mood to muse on art & life and am proud of linking it to the On Interpretation & interaction
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school of love

At first glimpse, this photo may look worthy to ignore, yet do not hurry to shut away/ to pass by it in ignorance.The below picture describes my current location, and it is memorable indeed - today I became a student of the love school. You may see its wall here.
Many try to escape that place. And there is no wonder. The shot quite eloquently explains such outlook of the passersby. No one is dreaming to appear in the hospital, yet I dared to rename this building into the school of love.  I just couldn't say it otherwise, because I was surrounded by doctor's care with me at a moment I entered this dark building. So is it not the best school of love? Where else anybody are interested in your feelings?
Such are my visual thoughts. 

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art therapy : Love silence wander around

The plasticine hero visits my town --digital painting by Tomas Karkalas
As the tears melted into the painting, the picture healed me by reflecting the missed light. Thus I discovered the art therapy club Modus Vivendi.
Now I do not fear the plasticine hero anymore, but rejoice over Love. It didn't die but just disguised as a tale. We both are wandering around my town now. Join us dear bloggers.


art story of the blurred possibilities

while redrawing the pictures of old masters, the students become the artists themselves. ...

While looking through the window, I watched how the police officer stopped  the prowler. That was good, yet a smile of satisfaction didn't appear in my eyes. The picture put me in mind of God's Love. Was I any better than that wrongdoer? ...
I was ashamed of my "sanctimoniousness" and closed the window. The talking colors filled my room and laid the sparkling silence in the painting on above. 
I looked at my creation once again. The abstract was blurred. Was there any to talk about? 
I had a good time while painting, therefore I should feel the gratitude... The last is worthy the sharing out of itself! In the light of above, my visual diary maybe will interest you too. Thank you.

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Best picture

Can art related blog come without any artwork?
As I tried to visualize the above, I just sat back in an awe towards the best picture I ever had seen.  It testified for the creator's remaining  alive:  "no art" symbolized  the artist's still  unspent possibility to take his paintbrush to look at self and thus to address the world once again.

These thoughts were raised up  by the picture that I put on my blog Art Mirror. Have a look at "is it me?"
Hope you will share your insights with me too. 

So what does the creative work mean? Is it a product of our hands or the being alive? A way we communicate, interact with each other.In case such questions belong to the abstracts, then what does a word nightmare mean? Are we overcome by the outward appearance of the things we face or still are capable to taste and appreciate a sip of fresh air?
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art of whishpering window

Can the broken window look nice?
What are the goals of the fine arts? Does that have any in common with my personal being? So who looks for my musing?
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entrance to wonderland

The entrance to the wonderland frequently disguises as the broken window. So it is easy to turn away the eyes and thus to miss an opportunity to meet the miracle - to visit art therapy world.

While talking about people with the disabilities, there are little what to rejoice. Life of patients with the psychiatric disorders looks especially hard, yet do not hurry to judge. Please visit Modus Vivendi...art therapy club where love guards and guides the paintbrush holders - that's the wonderland, the miracle I wish to share with you.
In the light of above, my painting may look too pale. At first glimpse. Yet I hope you will understand me rightly. I choose this picture as an entrance - I wished to say, not the flat surfaces of our handicrafts but the way we communicate is worthy pondering deeper. That is what is waiting for us on beyond the pictures we enjoy.
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in a search for a title

in a search for a title - 2011 digital painting by Tomas Karkalas

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art & life race for being

The colorful posters catch the eye, so there is no wonder our visions look more attractively than the beggars on a street. Yet the same spirit indwells the heroes like the down-and-out. So where are the keys to success? Who needs my digital paintings except myself?
Each time I look around, the rivalry between art & life just sits me back in an awe.
glorious ordinary today in digital painting of Tomas Karkalas
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