adventurous juorney

I am on the adventurous journey from the ring of the flower to myself. It is sorrowful for search engines see the picture above just as the image without any content. Hope you will enjoy this artwork, and your comments will expand my short text- will put my hot emotions into the understandable words to all, and thus my digital painting will bridge our hearts.
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What disguises as an abstract painting?

Here is my digital painting 'what disguises as an abstract?' This canvas illuminated my path, enabled me to breathe freely - the creativity freed me from the confusion of the shapes that were encountered on my daily walk. As I look at the artwork, the colorful spots do not mystify me anymore - the emotions were explained by the paintbrush. Now time came to put them into the words.I think the best way to do that will be your comments. This post will be updated each time you will speak your mind. I am going to make this post from you feedback - thus 'what disguise as an abstract' will always remain the fresh  expression of the need to respond in order to enjoy the light in full.  Thus see below ....
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wonder's eye

Each time I look around, the wonder's eye makes the heart beat quickly-quickly, yet is there any to ponder deeper? Can one and the same picture reflect the whole life experience?
On the back of it, as I look at the artwork, each time it appears as if in the new light  ....
It's interesting how many pictures do you see in this abstract still-life? Did you discovered yourself here too?
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art of endurance

digital painting - White-headed Survivor  - 2011

Pictures have the descriptions. They consist of the words that make wise statements that lead the listeners astray....we all are reaping the painful consequences of  the nice theories without any application to the daily practice, isn't it?
The wise stories capture people's attention and the words make clear what is what, yet the beauty of the talks sends the listeners to sleep. The eloquence so play a trick on us : builds the foundation to white-headed survivors to remain unnoticed...
The picture thinking helped me to break through that confusion. Thus my paintbrush awaken once again and presented me to the dandelion clock on above. The dandelion welcomed me when the eyes fell underfoot - when I learned to listen, the heavenly 'silence' put me under a charm, taught me the art of endurance.
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