passionate silence

Welcome to my Picture Gallery

I hope you enjoyed this slide show. Unfortunately these pictures composed my farewell to the world. I say so, because the costly equipment is needed to put my visions into the digital artworks for I could share my visual thoughts with you for a free...
While earning nothing I lived on faith alone... Your nice feedbacks were my only supporters. Your interest in my works enabled me to arrange many. Thank you. Unfortunately Art by Tomas earned nothing in the readies, and therefore the jobless artist became out of artistic materials.   Thus the farewell approached. 
Time from time, I wrote about my need (asked for the support), yet received only the compliments for the beauty of my writings... Thus my apologies for my visual stories wouldn't please you any more, and that's  all I can to do at a moment.
I do not know how long the blogspot.com would keep Art by Tomas on a web. Yet you are welcomed to browse my archives till then.

Sincerely yours
Tomas Karkalas

I would greatly appreciate your support.
Thank you.


What Do You Want from Santa this Year?

 Dear Santa, please come and stay with us for ever.
 That's my only dream and the answer to BlogDumps' "What Do You Want from Santa this Year" 

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uncompleted painting

This painting was uncompleted, yet that incompletion made the image worthy remembrance. Let me explain the above.

This artwork was started as the art therapy club Modus Vivendi' work on last day of its existence. Then nobody knew that except club's head, artist Renatė Lūšis. She didn't complain for the administration' decision to close the club, but arranged the Advent Party to the sick. Nobody knew that it was not the hospital but Renate, who paid for the gifts. The Christmas were coming.Nobody thought about the cost...

Thank you dear Renatė Lūšis  

The archives of Modus Vivendi talks loudly. The fine arts enable peoples with the paintbrushes to forget their disabilities, to look for the light and thus heal as them, as their viewers.


old photo

Old photo perfectly depicts my mood today. How is this?
Cost of living allowance force the Love to retreat to bookshelf. Thus the smile hides in wise quotes in  these troubled times. However the situation is not the hopeless. While browsing the web I found the Smoking wheelie bin in Yambo, and the photo sat me back in awe.  I was inspired by the maddog's attitude towards the life - by the magical transformation that took place due his courage to look at life with love: while viewing at the dustbin I smelt the flowers... I hope you will visit this wonderful blog too and enjoy its stories, which could be defined the best as the visual application of love to the practice of day-to-day life.
Do you remind what helps us to overcome the threatening silence of the street?


what's better?

Random thoughts have power to captivate, meanwhile set speech makes just a noise, because what comes as if out of itself depicts the heart and thus makes the passersby the followers, meanwhile the set speeches succeed just in making the projects that quickly lose themselves on a spanless sea of good intentions to resist the destiny. So it's good to speak at random. That's much better than to complain about the forced joblessness, isn't it?


a house on a windowsill

What you see here is the photo of a house on a windowsill. Do you want it wrapped?

The wrapping would create the illusion of something worthy unwrapping . The stylish package should hide the reality of the dark windows near the sparkling center of the town. Thus the creative framing transform the ordinary picture into the famous artwork...

It would be good if we could decorate our Christmas tree not with the the artificial smiles or the wondrous handworks but day-to-day grateful walk.
While most of us think only of ourselves, God creates the miracle during each Mass.
The Mass puts clearly that following Jesus and carrying His cross is not something we all should do, but the most desirable gift to us. So let's experience that greatest happiness by helping the weaker and welcoming the unknown other as ourselves.
That's the message of the art by Tomas.


remain nameless

Current affairs....I must apologize for the definitions of my pictures, because my diary spotted  the artworks by mixing the sparkling visions of global peace with sorrow for personal limitations to follow them.  So It's no wonder that the silence dwell in art showroom.
I would like to think that I already did almost everything I could to do in my life. So nothing remains but to retreat. I am joining the leaves you see on above, and all my artworks become your property. Please accept the wanderer and  what's new Tomas Hope you will enjoy the  Digital Truth, My Fall Festival  and all other works. I hope you will discover yourselves in overview of my pictures and your diaries will accept the nameless beauty  as your own memories.