art metamorphosis

The blackness of  a pencil enables the artists to inscribe the light stories.  You might like the liberated by art. The picture is at a click. Have a good time.


Play of Paintbrush

The title of the artwork ought to be short. Thus let it be the Play of Paintbrush.
Yet what's true definition of this picture? 
While the pictures may differ between outwardly in all aspects, they all have just one message:
The creative work is the gratitude for being alive, each artwork is a foot-mark of the love:
  the spiritual healing by the fine arts starts by the recognition of oneself in other.


Art mystery of hot cold

While snow is cold, the colors warm the heart. The above would be impossible in the physical world, yet that was my true experience as I went outside...I enjoyed not the dirty pavement, but the heavy knock on the heart as I saw this picture underfoot. What should look as the mystery of hot cold was marked as the ABC of my life. I hope the photo will enable you to experience that fabulous transformation and to grasp the metamorphosis too: not I was looking up my path, but what's behind examined me. Let's listen to white whispering together.

artworks related to above : What's underfoot? , Snow Drawings ... search my archives and enjoy.


Time's judgement

The New Year resolutions were nice. I was going to learn to paint the flowers.  The bouquet in my vase looked impressively, so it was a pleasure to paint... The above overviews my life well enough, yet the artwork requests the concrete definition. So I looked at my flowers once again and a dustbin harbored the withered ones. Time's judgment was made. Was that the reply to my wish to learn to  paint the flowers?