place of creativity

While wandering around my town, I took the photo just because the view caught my eyes. Now I am writing a post and wish to say something wise. Therefore I am looking back at the artwork on above. Such way it became the obvious- Place of creativity is the description line below the picture.

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polite OK

photo painting POLITE OK by Tomas Karkalas 2011
The painting speak  eloquently, therefore it is a little what to add here. The  'polite OK!' greets you, dear bloggers, and Tomas Karkalas is glad to join that message of visual poetry.
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window of bricks

Lost amidst the bricks sought for the window in the colorful stones.

Here is the picture. Just interpretations are left beyond eyesshot. Though can the walls stop the light?
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Fruits of art therapy

digital painting seed-plot of wisdom 2011
Current Japan's situation paints the threatening picture, yet the peace in heart shouldn't be lost therefore. As I take a look at my art archives, the sad news become changed into the loveliest memoirs at a glimpse... Thus while turning over the leaves of my numerous blogs, I am learning the Time's message -and bloom with the gratitude for such art therapy. There are lots of theories on art therapy and they all are worthy out of themselves the pondering deeper. Personally I am convinced that good mental health of the world is just the unthinkable without the art therapy. It deals not with the artworks but with our attitude to the life. Consequently, everything we rejoice at should be defined as the fruits of art therapy.

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warmed memoir

The first impression, is it possible? Or am I dreaming?

No, the Snow and colorful leaves are not a fantasy. This photo expresses only the truth: one of my paintings was used to illustrate the deep insights of Carl Jung today. Thank you, dear ZenBananas. Your post was like a bridge between my vision and talking with the walls.
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timeless longing for you

I could define Art by Tomas as my timeless longing for you. Hope this digital photo painting talks about these dreams clearly enough. The novelty of the artwork depends neither on its composition nor the applied technique, but on the viewer's ability to break through the flat surface of the picture and his willingness to hear - to listen to the fabulous transformation of various complaints for life hardships into the cheerful greetings to all survivors.
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The last obstacle

I am standing in front of the gates to the Light. They are the last obstacle on my road home. What is it?
digital painting LAST OBSTACLE - 2011
The consciousness of the answer is a key.
Lets visualize the world we could enter if all bloggers would care with next to them so much as they currently bother with the promotion of their personal sites.
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my silent persecutor

my silent persecutor
The pictures represent creative work, yet have I the right to name the photo above such way? The broken walls gaze at me themselves wherever I go. While fine arts deal with the dreams, this photo points at  my persecutor. Is that the art?
The pictures should look nice, yet can anybody thus name my broken walls?
The questions open my diary and it becomes my walking-stick ...


hopeful passage

photo story HOPEFUL PASSAGE  by Tomas Karkalas
Dark arch between homes is always full of unexpected surprises. When I saw this, I was happy to take a photo, yet when I wished to put it on my blog, I got a good shake indeed - as I looked at my page, the first thing I saw was the Google ads that appeared on my site against my wish. My joy over the picture I just took vanished from sight at a glimpse. Art and life metamorphosis was the painful. I have no idea on how that could happen, yet the first impression was spotted. Dear bloggers, I would greatly appreciate your help to free my blog from the Google ads. What should I do? Should I retreat to WordPress? The Arthiker looks for us there.


Keys to art by Tomas

Picture per day may surprise with just incredible artist‘s productivity. Yet that will cease to wonder us if we remind how much time per minute a man winks. Then the sorrow will replace the current awe of the beholders. It would became the obvious that just innumerable amount of the views remained without any response. Thus one artwork per day is less than too little, isn‘t it?
photo story : dependent on a standpoint of a wall
Living in a cave (the lasting meditation) results in learning to hear - teaches the listening that rewards with honorable title of a guru. That‘s so in the fairy tales where wisdom do not cease to keep count of the miracles. Unfortunately, it is otherwise nowadays when the jobcentre name the elders as the social problem –see them as the worthless as the labour force...
Is it not the answer to how much is 2x2
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