memory test

Checking the blogs for the broken links is quite dull activity, yet it rewarded me greatly- the awe surpassed my all expectations. What appeared on my screen looked like real discovery despite its so familiar view.  I came head-to-head with ... my own site that was forgotten  by me already for a long. The events of deep past overfilled the current emptiness of my being and my heart was healed again. The hot 'Wow!' came out as if of itself. Current joy was not a repetition of  the hopes I had once but looked as totally new experience, because while looking at my own art gallery, I was free from any thoughts about earning though something from it and that freedom enabled me to shift from my handicrafts to beauty of the wish to share the beauty.
Click on the link of this memory test and join me on riding the sunbeam.


Reflection of the heart

The picture reflects my heart, yet what does that mean? Does knowledge of the multiplication table make anybody happy? These questions reminded well known saying "content is power" to me and raised up the same riddles. While enjoying the sunlight I am talking about some colorful spots on the screen of my monitor. I can name them the artwork, yet can the titles justify anybody?
Just imagine a weeper. He may mourn very honestly yet does his simplicity inspire any at the table? So what's the value of the kindness?
The questions disguise as something worthy pondering, yet they pollute a sip of fresh air which always refreshes us despite our readiness to acknowledge that. What is place of irony in our life?


deep autumn in the summer time

It is common to think that painting has a story that is worthy the sharing. Let's see.

When was my wish to understand my surroundings changed to the attempts to be understood rightly by next to me? How did it come that opposite conceptions "colored up" and "spotted surface" define the same picture?
That's why I love the fine arts. When my paintbrush raises up the questions, the wonder determines consciousness.  Then I start to look at my dull being as the life challenge - something meaningful indeed.
So the artwork got the title. It is the deep autumn in the summer time. I found this picture in my archives and edited it a bit. Now it looks like totally new creation. Wow, it would be wonderful in case I could  change my life likewise easily...


on a road

The browsing through the family album puts a sick bed on a road again. Old photos awaken the memory and fill the heart with the gratitude for being alive till now. The pictures join history to everyday life and thus teach  us the secrets of  the Law of Attraction.
The jobless disabler can't buy a ticket to 7 Wonders of the World but he can enjoy the heavenly pictures and share the awe with everybody around.  The trauma I had in 1974 greatly limited my ability to participate in daily events, but God didn't leave me, but otherwise- enabled me to ride the sunbeam. When the grief at my impotency to buy things I want knocks on the heart, old photos  remind the above and my inner man revives again.
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Wish to Wonder

I see the writing of the tittles to the pictures as the making of the new artworks. The descriptions either show what was grasped while painting or express the padding.
So what does Wish to Wonder talk about?
And has that any in common with the colors above? (!)
Once I have read that ... yet why should the above bother me at all? I was going to put these visual thoughts on Butterfly in the Plaster but as this blog wasn't indexed by Google, I can only guess what I did wrong?
On the other hand, all the above express the silence that make a space to muse on life- either to listen or list personal preferences and grieve for the lack of understanding. Is that not a Wish to Wonder?


the treasury of a greybeard

This is the treasury of a greybeard. You might wonder at such title of my picture, yet is it not the peace that all we dream about? So make it your home.


Wind of serenity

This picture Wind of serenity shows the guard of the foundations at close (just click the link above) The city walls melted away in this artwork and nothing shadows the wild flowers now. Do you see the portrait of yourself here?


the guard of the foundations

The heart colored up  my environment with the symbols and they steeped in the artworks. The dandelions became the giants, which searched for the dwelling and thus urged me to start one more blog. Now I am glad to welcome you to the Butterfly in the Plaster. Please look at what's Under the green cloud there.


Under the green cloud

UNDER THE GREEN CLOUD 2010,  60x80 cm by Tomas Karkalas

This digital painting shows the path underfoot. So to speak, embellishes my walk with the sense of something alive.The last is worthy a search indeed. Therefore I dared to share my visual musings with you and hope to receive your constructive comments on what could be improved here. What do you think about our walk in the the light of the eternities? All my pictures deal with that question.

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Title vs Message

I took a photo. The picture was my response to the visual challenge I faced.
Time came to name what was done then.  Now I am to wrap up my eyesight in title.
Can I name this accidental shot the artwork? At some point, this question looks like rough luck, isn't it?

Such thoughts made me travel to Modus Vivendi - to the post "my jottings on art therapy"  ...
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Freedom to talk

Freedom to talk whatever I wish blossomed with the responsibility for the message I share. The statement above was not a play of musing on life but an overview of my sketchbook. Picture of the tree bark (the faces that revived in the photo) convinced me in blessing to listen more attentively to silent cry of nature.

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Wild Nature

My heart disguises as abstract painting in this picture. As a saying goes, each artwork is a self portrait of the artist, thus there is just one question, what for such conspiracy is?


my window disguised as a wall to show art origins

My window disguised as a wall to show art origins and thus enabled me to grasp the true location of beauty. So to speak, the Law of attraction spring up from my backyard. If you look more attentively, the awesome portrait gallery  will open to you in the photo and these figures (your discoveries) will guard your way from any worry - sorrowful misunderstandings wouldn't hurt you under the shelter of the comforters from this wall. Success!