why do I love the abstract emotional expressions?

digital painting 'emotional expressions' 2011 by Tomas Karkalas
abstracts deal with the emotions and the current events are rich with the passion. Therefore I love the style of emotional expressions (the abstract painting) as one that reflects today's world the best.
Plus the abstract artworks are very helpful - serves us not only as the art mirrors but the good whip too. Just think. It is easy to recognize lots of various figures (everything you just dream about) in the above picture, yet it is impossible  to enjoy any shape in the concrete. So the impossibility to rejoice over the eyesight prevents us from focusing on the flat art surface and thus turns us from our handiworks to people next to us (next to me) - Hello my dear friends! We all know well that the same God's Spirit indwells in us all, yet is it possible to illustrate above with TV news? So the reality becomes doubly confusing and we would be inescapably lost if not the Bible which answers all confusions... Such way while preparing to go to hospital I'm filled with the divine peace and wish just one - wish to share my riches (God's blessing) with you too.

Tomorrow will start Top Sites Tuesday, yet let me jump over the time (to start Tuesday on Monday) because of my total unawareness of what will be next minute. So to speak, the bodily health resists the spirit, edit her movement.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Tomas -

I too love abstract art, especially that which carries emotions. I have a friend, an engineer, who looks at abstract art and says, "Anyone can do that." I often challenge him to try but he never does. Another friend who's a therapist says that music and art a a helpful way to deal with emotions too raw to deal with directly.


Bud aka Older Eyes

Wolfbernz said...

Hi Tomas

Awesome post, Thanks for sharing it with us :)
This weeks art is great.

Have a great week

Mike said...

Stunning work. As I was looking at it I saw so much in it.Then I read your post. So Many things of dreams, but nothing in the absolute,nothing in concrete. this one is one of my favorites, not only for the images of dreams,but also for the release from the concrete. You allowed my soul a slight rest, thank you my friend.

dorothy charles banks said...

As a poet I see poetry in your abstracts. Your work is interesting. You've got my vote!