catch the light

I see today's Top Sites Tuesday theme as a key to the wonderland of the eternal light...or a miracle of color, eye-to-eye meeting with oneself . All the above reveal what "My Favorite thing about Fall is..." is about. In Autumn, the images that surround us reflect not a season, but our dealing with time, and the below sketch proves that, isn't it?

What's interesting in this artwork?

I am going to write as about the location of the picture as what I had in mind by talking about the key in my next post. Yet I hope you already see that in the picture.
It would be lovely to hear your comments. I would greatly appreciate your constructive feedback.
Thank you.

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proof of remaining alive

My blogs were fearured by Mel Avila Alarilla. His wonderful overview of my artworks made my day literally. When it seemed as if everything falls apart, dear Mel awoke me again. Thank you for that lovely support. Your interest in my activity was my greatest award, the proof of my remaining alive till now and my being not the totally useless.  Thank you once again.
Dear bloggers, please visit the Literatti-An Artistic Blog. You will have a good time there too. Its description states: This is an artistic blog where we showcase the best in the world of arts from world famous timeless masterpieces to classical musics by the masters to literary works of arts by world famous writers. To Live In Order To Please God And To Give Glory To His Name.


longing for light

When I get home, I like to thumb my sketchbook, to put together day-to-day deeds with my dreams. Usually the  reality contrasts with my dreams. While it is always painful to admit that the picture fits just to dustbin, I like such life's discipline. It enables me to see clearer what I am longing for. Therefore I like  the image below. Though this sketch never would be framed, yet it helped me to sense  the light- to rejoice not over my  crafts, but the heavenly light that illuminates the darkness underfoot and urges us to shake hands with each other, to recognizes the fellows in prior unknown passersby.

sincerity needs ground to grow for to flower in day-to-day life.

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
Networking between bloggers to have fun while doing it!
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the untitled

While decorating cemetery we edit history, yet street stones forget nothing. So the above photo story tests my faithfulness and thus the simple shot becomes the precious.


reality of hope

Each view is a picture, yet not every image receives the title of the artwork. So what's that? Does art pieces reflect the harmony between our inner and outer worlds, or just human prejudices? How the above relates to the shot below?
I named this photo Reality of Hope. 

The leaves hung high...once upon a time. They were green, and all looked alike.
We all were young too. And the wonder caused us to learn to discover a color, and we were growing in understanding, in the maturity of the light. Thus what was just green leaflet blossomed in the fabulous palette, and the autumn colors knocked on the heart. What's behind the picture?


My harvest

The picture starts almost each my post. The artworks differ between in size and technique. Thus  visual impression vary from post to post too, and ultimately my  all six blogs (my all on line art galleries) not duplicate one other, but give a  sense of the fresh approach towards "to be or not to be" each time anew. Have a look at the photo below.

Exotic views attract, catch the viewers and thus promote the tourism. At first glance, my photos  have nothing to offer to the lovers of old castles, yet their are no less wondrous: the images deal not with the shapes of my surrounding, but the essence of human being here and now. It would be hard to define the geographical location of my pictures, yet there is the light that that pierces us everywhere alike. So to speak, my pictures call to enter into the world beyond the canvas- to respond to one's own heart.

The dreamer, who address you now, lives in the picture on above. There are no noisy running, but firm trust in a miracle. The mailman will knock on the door one day and your support will enable these virtual images to receive the tangible shapes of the recognition of oneself in others. While viewing my archives I humbly bow to the omnipotence of the Divine Spirit, who indwell in each of us and makes the beggars the real giants.


out of focus for the sake of clarity

Each day we grow in understanding ...- the educated mind enables us to grasp the history deeper than it was proclaimed yesterday, frees people from worry for the eternal values. The modern artists hurry to respond  to this time challenge too - many are learning to sell themselves.While few succeed, many complain, yet the picture looks nice. Just look. Though I have no money to purchase the art materials, but  I still can write the descriptions of the artworks that would appear one day, maybe.


Wall of partition or the Stone Mirror

The gateway to the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders divides apart the wall you see below.  Thus what will be discovered by you in the photo  would depend solely on  your sense of direction. Two pictures came in result. You can either turn away from that cracky picture, or  sit back in awe towards the magic  of tiny leaves to decorate the image of people who were locked here ... for life ...I say so, because once recognized as mentally ill can just to wander around their yard, but have no hope to re-enter the life on the outside.

The above Stone Mirror talks in guessworks. Just listen to the photo. A story of the cracked wall silences, yet bright color of the leaves giifts the hope, and thus enables me to address you again. My dear, the picture I was talking  about depicted ... my current personal location.
So, while talking about the Stone Mirror, I was looking at the portrait of myself... Wish to live is the hardest thing to do - your support could change that situation, yet have I the right to ask for the help?

It may be the last time I will push the button "publish" now, yet the arxhives will remain ...Feel free yourself to browse them, to examin my online art galleries ...
the end of art by Tomas

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
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