running titles test the heart

Each picture is a self portrait of an artist. Such statement is well known , plus that describes the painting  and explains the creative work at whole. 

Self-portrait by Tomas Karkalas

I am used to look at my works as at my diary, yet do I have the right to say "it's me on the above picture?"
I can name the painting the self-portrait, yet can I expect somebody would recognize Tomas Karkalas here?

I am invited to participate in the exhibition of Self-portrait. The theme is clear, yet can I offer the paintings like above?
I would greatly appreciate your opinion in order to escape the needless misunderstandings. That painting may be the abstract, yet can the above depict me? What do you think?

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arts shelter the heart

digital painting Art Shelter by Tomas Karkalas
It is good to look at my activity as at a meditation in color. Each picture becomes worthy the sharing - thinking about the eternal values replaces sorrow  at my day's encounters with the gratitude for remaining alive then. Is it not a miracle?
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Green Filter


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inquiry of winter

Each day brings new picture and the same question:
Inquiry of Winter
Can the flowers talk? What is there message?
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Visual Riddle

digital painting Visual Riddle

There is the Digital painting Visual Riddle. Your feedbacks will make the message of the picture, and it will be unique each time one will choose to respond. One and only constant thing is my gratitude.
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At first glimpse, dropping entrecard may look like waste of time, yet such thought would be the great mistake. While  browsing the  web, I was inspired by multitude of bloggers who passionately searched for true light and eternal peace. That of itself was the great support to me. I felt myself as humbled and inspired as warned.  While browsing the web I found the eloquent quote :
Believe those who are seeking the truth.  Doubt those who find it.”  ~Andre Gide
I looked around and started to color the photos ... 
photo possibilities
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my comforter

photo my comforter

As a saying goes "we are what we see" Therefore I titled this photo My Comforter.

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melting stone

Photo doesn't lie, therefore my situation that is described in the picture may look nice too. Wow! That's hard to trust, yet this post is not a fantasy but the reality - in spite of everything.  Art by Tomas - the Melting stone ... Can the remains proclaim the presence of the everlasting beauty?
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rainbow in guests

Old photos return back the miracles we once faced , and thus enable us to recognize the wondrous light in snowy today. Such way I see the sparkling rainbow everywhere I go now .
Magic of the pictures is always present. We need just to remember that and the miracle of transformation will awake again.
Not technical quality of the artworks but our attitude towards the life sets smile of gratitude on our faces. That's Art Therapy.
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