my homeland

I was taking pictures of the homeland from close up because I was trying to avoid all the distractions. In the photo, we see a tree in close-up. and not even the whole tree, but only the ground into it, only the hollow leading the observer to the realm of the leafy root mystery.
so elementary photography magically turns into a fairy tale. In close-up, we see what a castle is like. A castle where only our own beating heart echoes.
In a word, I was talking to the child inside me until the fall, so to speak.

  Spiritual healing with fine art begins when we recognize ourselves in others ~ Tomas Karkalas, Lithuania


Portrait of the silence

The reading of the Bible looks like a love story: the familiar verses gift us with the totally new experience each time we drown into God's Word.  Look Love story>


crossroad of flesh

crossroad of flesh ~ Tomas Karkalas

Empty purse put to the test the nice talking about the eternal values in the fine arts, have brought me to the crossroad of flesh. Now my further activity depends on your generosity – on the donations. Read what next? please. Help to arrange the exhibition of my artworks.