Last Word

The day was nice and such were my plans, yet everything have changed suddenly and irrecoverably. I was hit by the bicycle from the back.. in other words, though I can move my fingers, yet that's all for what my hands fit at the moment. While I was going to share my new artworks with you, all I can to do is just to invite you to visit my archives now.
In the light of the above, my picture Last Word obtains some prophetical meaning,- great symbols revive in the picture. I don't know how long my recovery will take, yet it helped me greatly already now. I was forced to answer to myself, what were my goals? What did I rejoiced at?

Happy Easter, dear friends!


transmutations of fortune

Making the resolution to not complain improves personal vocabulary greatly, thus my daily visits to the doctor obtains some beauty. My curious smile in the hospital looks mysterious indeed. Just think. Though my health state put me into the ranks of the jobless and I taste the life of the dependent disabled more than 20 years already, I am talking about the omnipotence of God's spirit who indwells in each of us and therefore believe in our possibility to come into a hug.
Faith works the miracles. Life without the strangers looks so attractively. We uncover just incredible riches inside ourselves that make us feel responsible for what was entrusted to us for a free and thus we become fired with only one desire to share the light we see.


cover of memory

I went out and took a shot. What you see on the left side now came out without any prior arrangements. I just pointed my camera at the bricks underfoot... So, this picture is not an artistic fantasy but the documentary evidence of the Earth talk to us. It gave me a good shake and I started to play with the photo. The shot looks a bit more colorful now, yet I the essence remains the same: I'm trying to guess what I am doing? Do I LISTEN to the Heaven or just play with what is at hand at a moment?
The consciousness of the reply to the above plants our life with love. It should blossom out at a moment (the Spring has arrived already), yet there are not the occasion for rejoicing (the world worry for the economic downturn and the similar problems)
The accidental photo not only proves the above, but comforts us too: it is easy to recognize the serenity of smile in these abstract drawings. The tress of spirituality are still growing and they give us hope for the tomorrow.


fabulous cookery

Some prefer sugar to salt, some otherwise, yet all people love the delicious food likewise. The last feature gives hope for the reality of peace to the world by gathering around the same table, yet is it possible to cook anything that should take a shine to all likewise?

It was so good to grasp such project wasn't just a fantasy. There is the magical ingredient that makes the fantastic fiesta possible indeed. It's love. Love enables the miracle to happen in our pale day to day life.
While one prefer sugar to salt and other does otherwise, all people rejoice over what was served with love likewise. It's love that creates the magical taste which as comforts, as inspires all of us by liberating people from their flesh limitations. Love enables us to discover ourselves in the spiritual realm. God knocks on the heart of each of us.
The flowers differ in colors greatly, yet each and all blossoms inspire the same Wow!
We all differ in taste, yet each of us rejoices over a sip of fresh air the same despite all differences in the emotions of the expression. Personally I reminded my post Lithuanian Food now. I hope you will enjoy this post too.


key to mystery

The phrase "once upon a time" works like magic wand. These words mark the text down as fairy tale. Thus the story immediately obtains just fantastic colors. They allure the readers by taking them from their problems to life where their each step becomes the unforgettable adventure.
While hearing "once upon a time", the miracles happen, and there is no wonder for the blind see or the beast of prey care of us then. That metamorphosis looks just incredible yet there is no mystery in it. While hearing "once upon a time", the listener acknowledges the life of the spirit and thus the realm of dreams becomes his nitty-gritty so to speak.
Wow, I like "once upon a time"! The famous storytellers didn't lead me astray, but awarded with the mindset that helps me to face my hardships and not to fear the current ambiguity of my situation.
... my head bones were broken and I walked on the edge of the death for a long. Yet the miracle happened and I was returned to life without any outward signs of any disability...
That looks like real fantasy, isn't it? Yet the above forms a part of my biography that depicts a man, who addresses oneself to you now.
As I am jobless for life but still alive I have lots of free time. So I go outside and walk for walking sometimes...
As I did that last time, I had a camera and thus took a shot. It was just an accidental push on a button then, yet more I look at that picture, more I see in it now. The light underfoot created the portraits that look at me and talk with me. Just look at the picture. Do you hear it too?



priority of spiritual values over the flesh desires

Charitable institutions gain in popularity at present... thus economical downturn teaches us to open the eyes and transforms our hardships into the gratitude for the help to discover oneself in other. So to speak, while we all try to escape the poverty, it is beneficial for the understanding of the priority of spiritual values over the flesh desires for peace could be not just nice dream but the name of our day to day life.


April Fools Day

The weather is fine today, yet I fear to go outside because it's April Fools Day. I even don't know either I have the right to post anything today. While it's always good to recognize oneself in other, it's so painful to see the eyes which want to fool you, meanwhile that will be the main activity of today. Where is the joke hear? The whole world celebrates the April Fools Day...in other words, it's so fine for tomorrow is so rapidly forthcoming. Till then dear friends.