identification card of my harvest

I think, the photo below needs no comments. As a saying goes, the picture is worthy thousand words. So lets muse on it.

Rambling on art put me under a charm. While searching for nice images, I even didn't noticed the coming of an autumn. Yet time of harvest arrived, and I was asked about my earnings. I looked around, and thus the shot you see on above was made. I recognized myself in that construction and titled her as my identification card.
The desire  to hug you (to link our blogs) indwells here, yet it doesn't attract the tourists (there is nothing to enjoy from the architectural viewpoint) Thus what does remain? 
... lets skip over long list of mourning. There is nothing interesting to read about the fairs of the disabled for the raise of the cost for living. Let's think about the place of the Spirit in our world. That would be much more beneficially. Time to say farewell rapidly approaches.
Yet you still have an opportunity to look here... Just click on the above.


delivery price of my dreams reveal place of the memory

The below photo story puts everything plainly There is a little to add.

the colors of my window are in constant change. Though the darkness comes each day,  yet the light don't leave my page - each day I receive your emails that fill my heart with gratitude for remaining alive and give a meaning to my blog Art by Tomas. The delivery price of my dreams reveal the place of the memory - enables me to forget the strict restrictions of  my walk as the sick for life and to move forward.
Looking at the light creates the miracle that I am happy to share with you.
Thank you.


hiding place of fairy tales

I want to share the hiding place of the fairy tales. So have a look.

While we all are in search of happiness, the location of our dreams gives us a good shake.
What does make the above look attractively? What do you think? Why the goodness typically choose such places to indwell?

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last overview

While in hospital, I was blessed with perfect time to browse the archives, to overview my life. Thus mine hospitalization for a month will affect my whole furthe life. It may be I will post less, yet the light should shine clearer.


sly humor nurse the victims of life

once upon a time there lived ... Art by Tomas has no business plans today too, just wish for comments. What's that? Who is this Lithuanian artist? The narcissist or hungry for communication exchange?

Sly humor nurse the victims of life, but the questions above silence the faces of hope in the picture. So what's remain?
The spotted sheet of paper looks at us IF we fail to identify ourselves with the play of sunbeam in the artwork.
What do you think? What weather you have?

I hope you will be more successful than I was. Be well my dear


flowers are ful with wonder

Flowers are full with wonder and excite the beholder. Thus the picture below appeared.

State of my health made me the dependent on my family. Thus I am discovering the power of the gratitude now.
That is the true meaning of  art by Tomas - the title of my blog as if says farewell to the "beauty" of the positive affirmations like "I can to do everything by myself".


Condron.us: Blog Surfing at its Best

After joining the Condron, I have much more spare time now. There are no need to worry for traffic to my blog any more and thus I have much more time to study my sketchbook. Let's look at the picture below and examine her together. 
As for me, I am proud to announce http://www.condron.us is the best blog surfing platform. Thus Welcome to Condron and let's forget all worries


a girl in the life-saving bubble

Once upon a time there were rivers where the water was the transparent... Currently the swimming became dangerous to health and thus the forbidden activity, but the way out was found- the girl in the life-saving bubble witnesses the passion of joy to remain alive despite all warnings of the environment control. You can watch that for yourself on the photo below.

I was tagged by Sashindoubutsu to list down 6 things that make me happy. The above photo story is my reply. Happiness ought to be shared. That's art by Tomas where the irony bursts into blossom

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The purpose of this Meme is to encourage
Networking between bloggers to have fun while doing it!
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It is beneficial to write in foreign language.That transforms what we see so clearly into the mystery and thus welcomes to the dictionary. The studies always reward greatly - expand the writer' horizon. So I discovered that the fruits below were not just eatable, but had a fantastic name. These were  the love-apples. 
Plus you are looking not at a photo of some tomatoes, but witness the picture of LOVE now.
So to speak, my writing in English enabled me to participate in the transformation of the ordinary pick into the thoughts provoking art riddle I am glad to share with you.