secret of the revival

The withered blossom out in the caring hand. That fabulous revival s not a fantasy but the reality of art therapy. While the hospital for people with the psychiatric disorders is rich with the dark stories, the artist Renatė Lūšis silences them -exchanges the mourning into the grateful smiles at Modus Vivendi club.
I wish to dedicate this painting to her.
The photo dependent on approach also was taken thinking about the wonderful master - was inspired by Renatė Lūšis and expresses my respectful bow to her.

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dependent on approach

photo story: dependent on approach "1955-?"

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bloom story

We enjoy the flowers, yet throw the withered ones to dustbin. Such is a story of a bloom - an overview of my life.

A Look at the diary creates the metaphors, brings sad smile to the eyes ...
While searching for the beauty and talking about the magic of fine arts, I looked at the garbage underfoot  and recognized myself in the ringlet- in what looked spectacularly once upon a time, but at a moment wouldn't embellish anything anymore....Is that so because of my impotency to deal with the current costs of the artistic materials?
I apologize for the questions that though worry me but have nothing to you - to our dreams about the better tomorrow. It is just art by Tomas that may end, the fine arts will bloom forever.

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Goodbye news

While it is possible to relive the past in one‘s dreams, the  repainted pictures not influence  an overview of  life we had once. The goodbye‘s news (Etymology -- God be with ye) remain the same till now. And that is wonderful. It means,  God didn't forsake us in spite of all our attempts to argue the toss.
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welcome of goodbye

The title of the picture may confuse at first glimpse, yet let's remember the meaning of a word goodbye. It means God be with you.  Such were the origins and the farewell of Art by Tomas blog.
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song of trampled faces

The less I paint, the better understand the meaning of the best artwork. That's life itself in spite the hardships to see the last clearly.

The government spent twice as much money on food in prisons than it does in hospitals. The sick groan silently/politely – they don't complain, but try to recall something worthy memorizing – something they still can to do.That is the song of the trampled faces. 
Such way personally I wrote my artistic statement:
People are used to divide the colors into the hot and cold, and thus encounter with the dirty mixtures.
That‘s inescapable, if we would talk about the paints, but fine arts‘s colors express not the flatness of the surfaces we are dealing with, they portray us ourselves – depict the human souls which are awakened by Divine Spirit.
Such way  each artist should be looked as a priest- the secular priest.
Therefore I am asking myself once again.
What‘s the message of my sermons- the artworks that I am exhibiting on a web?

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lost in metaphors

While art schools teach us the drawing rules, art therapy clubs help us to grasp that there is no such thing as ugly stroke or bad perspective.

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Old Door

Lost in Metaphors Tomas hides his feelings behind the Old Door. Yet there is no mystery, because the picture clearly puts across the dreams. 
While modern design has high cost, the diary of the disabler may be opened totally for a free. So your comments are only earnings and the main wish of  Art by Tomas.
While the prints depends on camera we have, the true artistry is free from labeling according our possessions - consists just of our wish to come into a hug and stay such way for ever high above the logic of market that makes brothers and sisters into the losers and through them away as the garbage
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Bon Voyage

I like to paint. That's the most beneficial activity, because the artworks request to answer "what do I do?"  and thus the titles make the metaphors into my faithful friends.
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My brithday

Birthday greetings re-color the birthday wish list and I try to rewrite my own words. Wow! It would be so great if this repainting could change though any. Unfortunately, my longings remain the same. Do you recall the book about the magic wand in hard cover?
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Birthday Wish

Lots of  blog-platforms call the bloggers to create their Birthday Wishes, offer the help to raise money for the charity of their choice. Such way the Birthday Wish tests the reality of our consciousness, and that picture frequently looks not very nice, unfortunately. So while reading about the natural disasters and people who desperately need our help, I dared to thought about the gift to myself ... I visualized how I am receiving a book in hard cover and very very thick - with lot of pages about the magical wand...

The picture looks better than these "dreams". Therefore I am going to add just one:
Thank you for the help to grasp I am not so good as I was used to think about myself.
So can I continue to address you as my dear brothers and sisters?

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play with oneself

The window to inside was opened by the close-up of a wall you see below

 It was a simple photo prior I took my paintbrush. Now this fit just to my diary.... the diary of the incurable and thus out of work and any earnings, who dares to muse about the growth ... of what?
The aroma of life puts a paintbrush into my hand, and thus makes my being into the chatter with the light. Yet all miracles come to the end - while writing the descriptions to my pictures, I try to hide myself under the ambiguity of the irony yet the beauty of the metaphorical expressions inadvertently (but inescapably) deal with my bodily experience and thus give birth to the complaints (what for I returned back to life after the  head trauma in 1974?) I apologize for these sad notes, dear bloggers.

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breakage of the best intentions

The photo below gives a key to the world of metaphors.

Beautiful places please the eyes and drowse, yet the chippy corners awake and urge to rewrite the diaries.
That's not my musings but the photo story of what's upon the chapped blacktop - while posting, I was sharing not the beauty of my eyesight but pleaded for your help to restore one of my blogs, if that is still possible at all
Can the picture serve us as the remedy to melancholy? Is the rejoicing over the beauty of the things we see not  the breakage of the best intentions to join all people with everlasting love?
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clarity of time

At first glimpse, the chapped blacktop may look like the meaningless abstract, yet I named this photo painting as the clarity of time. The picture of the underfoot drawings portrayed my thoughts about better conditions for the work in far countries in a new light- stopped tempt me - reminded about the same sun that shines to us all the same way everywhere.  Thus what was passing into silence have awaken in the unrepresentable spot underfoot. I took a shot and it as if made an overview of my creative work.
It would be great if that would be just a metaphor, unfortunately if you click on the link Tomas's sketchbook , you will see just  blue background of what  was the pictorial blog sometime. I would like to restore that story yet have no idea how to do that. Could you help me? Please.
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