roused up by Hello

My name is Tomas. I am Lithuanian, live in Lithuania and fly on the wings of the gratitude...Just think.  Though we don't know each other in face, yet we all are warmed by one and the same sun - the same Spirit indwells us all. The last opens my eyes and Wow! comes out of itself.

Thank you dear bloggers. While addressing you, I'm talking as a newborn and feel myself healed from my dark insights. The last may surprise you, yet could I name our life otherwise than the false mirror? Just think. While addressing each other as brother/sister in Spirit- while talking about living in unity,  people sign as the employers or the hired men, as the rich or the poor. Each of us encounter with the strangers amidst the buddies on each step. So what's this?

Now I see that reality as the reflection of human choice to judge prior listening to other.
This instinct blinds us and  splits the beauty of our dreams into the fight to the death for the survival.
However  as I dared to open my heart, the miracle happened: I saw your shining eyes, and thus the hot Hello! came out of me. The logic of the judgment was replaced with the joy of the discovery of myself in other.
Thank you dear readers. My wish to respond with smile opened this Art by Tomas blog, made us the co-authors so to speak. Thus let's ride the sunbeam together.

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