what's behind the picture?

The tedium of life in the busy world, where only the fairy tales inspire to trust in the sunlight's unselfish generosity, ceased to oppress me at once as I entered the art therapy class (Modus Vivendi, psychiatric hospital, Klaipeda, Lithuania). The dull surroundings sparkle with just fantastic color here, and the ordinary things transform into the prophetic images that as put under a charm, as commit me to share the message with all. So I took my camera and Skirmantas's ship on a chair appeared on my blog. This picture is not mine, but it became a part of me - I recognized my own dreams in the drawing.

While the lottery ticket changed the life of many, can I say the same about the picture?
What do you think?


Stacie said...

I really love the color in the painting. I could just watch and sail away with that ship.

Icy BC said...

I like how you choose bright colors in your painting.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Art is interpreting what we feel and see. So many could look at that painting and see different things. I too see memories and desires in that painting. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Dialoguewithyou said...

It a pleasant piece of art.

I loved your fresh and very energetic colour scheme. I must say, I totally agree with Stacie on the feeling that 'I could just watch and sail away with that ship'.

Would love to visit your colourful blog often


I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Neat post.
I'm checking in to see if you are interested in doing the Comment Challenge next month.
Stop by my site and check out the poll or leave me a comment.

TOMAS said...

Wow, dear Harriet, I see your question as the answer to my dream. Yes, I am interested in Comment Challenge as next month, as forever.
Leaving a comment takes time, yet that is not the wasted minutes of our day, but the greatest earning of the whole life, I would dare to say.
June's Challenge enabled me to listen to other more attentively and thus to hear myself better than ever before.
Leaving a comment helped me greatly to stay aware of the timeless values on my everyday cares.