This digital painting as if overviews all my life 'achievements' ( you see the spotted list... )
A spot...- we all know well what does the not-clean mean  That's me - the untitled ... but lucky enough: the hospital for people with psychiatric disorders agreed to hospitalize me ( to hide me from my impotency to deal with shopping season ). I will be there since 14 December and will receive everything I need for a free.....

I tried to escape what was inescapable ( each new post pushes the prior down, back into the silence of the archives - out of memory) Thus I opened the new blog. My last paintings Layers of Dream where put on Tomas' sketchbook. Look here and here and here.
I didn't succeed to arrange the blog properly. And have no idea on how I could improve the current situation. The Tomas' sketchbook appears nowhere but does that mean though any? The sharing is not the marketing, and people without the credit cards are the patients...for life.

Be well dear bloggers. The holidays are rapidly forthcoming.My best wishes.

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Kimmy said...

Hi Tomas. This truly captures my eye. I think it is for the same reason you posted.

The blues, the purples. That's what I hide behind. As if my intellect is above my problems. The reason being, if I am smarter than my problems, than I don't have to worry about them.

I think life is abstract. I could live during these times in blues, purples, Muse for music, and gray for skies.

Sometimes, we blog, I know I do, to stop "life" for a brief moment. I do not like the hustle and the bustle of the holiday season.

But I do wish people year long peace with themselves!