hopeful passage

photo story HOPEFUL PASSAGE  by Tomas Karkalas
Dark arch between homes is always full of unexpected surprises. When I saw this, I was happy to take a photo, yet when I wished to put it on my blog, I got a good shake indeed - as I looked at my page, the first thing I saw was the Google ads that appeared on my site against my wish. My joy over the picture I just took vanished from sight at a glimpse. Art and life metamorphosis was the painful. I have no idea on how that could happen, yet the first impression was spotted. Dear bloggers, I would greatly appreciate your help to free my blog from the Google ads. What should I do? Should I retreat to WordPress? The Arthiker looks for us there.


Unknown said...

Dear Tomas,
Thank you for visiting my 'Monday's Child' #35-post and leaving your very kind comment about the beautiful artwork done by Will Terry. Will Terry is the illustrator who painted the image of the animals in the desert that was used as a prompt for this writing-challenge. Each Week 'Monday's Child' offers a prompt from which participants can be inspired to write children's verse, poetry or even prose as was my post.
So I was not the artist this time, even though I do paint and illustrate; I was in sush a rush to post my text that I forgot to write the proper credit under the picture. I have corrected this mistake now. You will see Will Terry's name under this lovely fairytale-image.
But I agree with you Tomas: I love these little animals in the twilight desert landscape. Actually I would love to paint some kind of fairytale story with a similar magical atmosphere as is found in this picture. We can learn from each other without copying. I'm sure that Will Terry has learned his craft from looking at such illustrators as Maxfield Parrish, who was famous for a special blue sky. (And he did this by painting in oils, long before 'Photoshop'!)
Thank you for writing, Tomas. You have done two things for me: you have reminded me to be more careful about my picture credits; and you haev reminded me that I should get back to sketching and painting and making magical images similar to Terry's, but in my own way.
Thank you!
Best wishes,

For the benefit of other readers:
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To look at Maxfield Parrish go to this page:

Bonnie Heather said...

You must have corrected your problem...no ads now. Very unique and interesting photo. Thanks for posting.

Sandee said...

I don't see any ads either Tomas. I'm glad you figured out what went wrong.

Have a terrific day. :)