adventurous juorney

I am on the adventurous journey from the ring of the flower to myself. It is sorrowful for search engines see the picture above just as the image without any content. Hope you will enjoy this artwork, and your comments will expand my short text- will put my hot emotions into the understandable words to all, and thus my digital painting will bridge our hearts.
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Richard Klekociuk said...

What did you enjoy most, Tomas - the process of creating this artwork or the final product?
I suspect both.

Russ said...

Great work as usual Tomas. I see myself inside the flower being protected by such a beauty. The World around me turning ever so fast. A craziness beyond belief. Yet I am not touched.

Beng Gee said...

Breathtaking art work!

Cynical Musings/JLandsberger said...

I like it alot! I also agree that it is unfortunate that Google just sees it as another image rather than a breathtaking piece of art.

Art of RetroCollage said...

We human beings are blessed, not with the divine gift of sight (in order to perceive this artwork), but also the gifts of head and heart to interpret and appreciate this marvelous work.

The flower creates its own universe, then draws us into this universe. This picture is an entire world.