hidden in a leaflet

digital painting Hidden in a Leaflet by Tomas Karkalas 2011
It was easy to take a photo. It was lovely and interesting to transform the shot into the painting. I had a good time then. Therefore the questioning of the meaning of my 'creativity' should look the needless now, because it is the obvious. And that is sorrowful:  I ought to confess that while creating there were no wise thoughts (I didn't worry about any high ideas) experienced just joy to sit in an awe. That forces me to choose now either honestly voice the above truth or to dive into the philosophy...The description of any image always puts such test of personal openness, and that just can't be the meaningless. So let's look at the picture once again. Did you sense yourself in the story of the artwork 'hidden in a leaflet'?

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Mike said...

Sometimes, Tomas, it's enough to just create. Not all art need sthe higher thoughts, just the higher heart. Hope you are well my friend.

Art of RetroCollage said...

Exactly. I agree with Mike: sometimes it is enough just to create. Your receptiveness to the beauty hidden in the leaflet was not only enough, it was just perfect. There is always plenty of time for wise thoughts about the act of creation to come along later on.

Please keep creating & never stop! "Be like a force of nature: keep the creativity going."